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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2012
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We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all Souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.  

Dearest ones,

We are so pleased with the growing evolution of consciousness and heart-opening of your human civilization!
With great joy we are observing so many of you, and daily increasing, who are opening up to the awakening power of Divine Consciousness at the core of humanity which is is the United Human Heart of the human race.

Today we are here to bring the message of Joy, the Remembrance of Joy, the energy and consciousness of Joy in your very essence of being, which is an aspect of the Eternal God, of All-That-Is. There is no true experience of the Divine without Joy, without the involvement of feeling, because Joy can only be felt and is a superior vibration of your awareness of your core being.

Joy can only be felt when your heart opens, when you allow to let go all limitations of ideas and mental constructions.

When you let go of controlling yourself, when you surrender your separate identity into the overwhelming vibration of Joy, then Source Energy and Light can arise, can set be free, to replace as vibrant and ecstatic Presence that one, which you usually call “me”, but which is merely an idea of yourself. A persona, a limited identity, a role-player in your society, a tendency-bearer, a thinking mechanism, somebody who judges and experiences the coming and going of body-mind based pleasure and pain.

The Joy we are talking about is bursting open the totality of all these narrow self-identifications, and sets you free to experience unlimited light and energy, without shape and form, content or concept. It provokes an explosion of creation before things arise, but it is also the substance to create in the Infinite Mind of God.

It is this Eternal Joy which we are showering upon you all, emanating directly from our collective heart which is inherently participating in the Heart of God.

You will be aware of this Joy when you are willing to open your heart, because this Joy is your own deep Essence. And we can only awaken this your own Essence, as we are all participating equally and naturally in this ever existing Presence of Joy. Because there is only One God.

Did you ever consider about this truth? Did you ever consider that you are born of Joy, and that all creation is inherently founded in Joy?

When you turn to the Essence of All-That-Is, you will discover that this is so, and always has been.However it was the focus of your attention on limitation and holding on to your separate identity and all its confined experiences, that you forgot.

Joy is the foundation of your Divine Identity and of your new world which cannot be created by other means than that of Joy.

But it is your choice where you want to turn, what you want to see in the first place: your old world with  limited, restricted and mediocre experiences of ordinary pleasure and pain, or a radiant world of Divinely expanded feeling awareness, which is only Joy, and call it Love, and call it Sublimity and call it Fullness and Beauty.

Ask yourself where you want to focus on! Even in the midst of 3dimensional suffering there is this Joy, always, always, if you change your focus, if you allow your heart to open. This Joy always exists, it is Eternal and you are ALWAYS free to participate in It.

Tear your heart open, dear ones, now is the time! Walk tall, take back the Divinity you always have been. Bending down, compressing your space of chest and holding your breath, to avoid the Joy you are, is over. Too much Joy is already entering the spheres of your world, participate in It. And share this Joy with your Mother Earth! Be One with her in this Joy and be One in this joy with your human family and all wight  and creations.

Dance, humanity, dance and shake off the chains of lies and the illusions of the past.

We are here to remind you of this!

Our Joy is expanding and filling your whole universe.

We are the Beings of Light of the Andromeda Galaxy

Message conveyed by Ute 

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