Sunday, January 8, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2012

this is the time of Silence, the preciousness of the Golden Silence in which only Love exists, or say: Love Is Silence, the Stillness which unfolds like pink rose petals with a fragrance and tenderness that is not of this world.

It is unfolding to infinite Heights above while you feel that It embraces all, contains all. It is unfolding deep in the heart of man now, it is unfolding, if you allow. It is set to unfold, my dear and it unfolds everywhere because this is your destiny, it is humanity’s future.

What I AM to you I AM to everyone, as That What is speaking speaks to everyone, so they only would listen.  Because It Is the One Which is the God-Self of every One. It Is the One in which and as which you are all One with Me and with One another.

This is not the time now for glorious events in your world to occur, it is the time to go deep into yourself, and I speak to all humanity, because you are One in Me and as Me.

I AM your own True Self which is the Eternal Enjoyer of all worlds and things.
Cultivate Me now because times are coming rather soon where you need to prove my Existence while your world is turning.

This time is given to you to unite with Me, your own True Self, which is the Self of All, because in Reality this is the Truth which never changes while your worlds and your bodies, your mind and your state is changing.

Soon you are going to ascend, my dear and all my dear ones, but what is this ascension other than an experience in my infinite Being. Yes, my denser part, such as your bodies and your lower mind and your planetary 3rd density, are going to be pervaded by Me increasingly so that also they are able to recognize Me. This is glorious and to Me a great Enjoyment As I find Myself in Myself. What a miracle, and I AM That too.

I AM non-separation from you and all of you need to feel Me and to find Me now. I do not want you to have your concern merely on your life-circumstances, I want you to have your attention on your Eternal Self, the Only One Eternal, while all worlds and universes perish. At least from time to time, from eons to eons.

Now is the time to rest and dig deep in your very heart and being, to find the Truth You Are.

I AM Beauty and Fullness which cannot diminish, I AM free of all circumstances although they occur in Me. My Beauty is overwhelming your heart if you find Me, and the Sweetness of My Essence is your ecstasy.

Did you know that I exist? Do not think you are your body, not even your ascended body, although it is a beautiful thing, such a beautiful creation of Mine. But this your new ascended body can only be so beautiful because I AM. Your new ascended World can only be because I AM. And your Happiness, your Love can only be because I AM.

This is the time to find out! The time when it seems the worlds hold their breath, when you expect things extraordinary to happen, while they do not happen yet.

Go deep, beloveds, go where the inhale holds to prepare for the exhale. This eternal Stillness is where I reside, and I reside even there as you breathe. I AM embracing you, but you do not notice Me. But will you now? I have been there always, but will you notice Me from now and live all your life while noticing Me, your own Divine Self?

This  is not spectacular and world-fulfilling, Truth always has revealed itself  in the Beauty of Stillness where Reality reveals Itself. It does not depend on a spectacular world or the arising of things.
But I AM the One without Whom nothing would arise, however spectacular it would be.

Notice Me and you have understood yourself and your world.
And now is the time to notice ME.

I AM your God-Self
Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
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