Thursday, January 12, 2012


Dear friends and readers of my blog,

if you have read my latest "Messages from my God-Self' and you didn't like them especially, I guess that you are missing ascension talk.

I am very sorry if this should be the case for some of you. In my personal experience and process my messages and personal updates did cover what was important to convey at the time according to my window of participation in the great process and point of view.

Fact is that we are already in the midst of the ascension process, each one of us, and some are more aware of it than others. The waves of energy and light are unstoppable and ever more powerful. My body can tell!

We are used to be fed with information to keep us busy, keep our mind busy. However there must be also a time - and there is! - when we start to use this information for our own personal process. Especially, to prepare ourselves for what is still to come and which, as I believe, will be a major step stone in our so far more or less steady going progress of growing and changing.

Each one of us is now left with the remains of which we need to let go, to be ready  - and without old 3D baggage -  for the last shift into the higher dimensions. The down-pressing energies certainly force us to surrender to this letting go.

It is now about going wide and deep as our innermost being, to let it come to the surface, to let it shine, to allow our Divine Nature to be confessed and to be revealed. There is nothing greater than that, it is far greater than the events in the outer worlds. Perhaps we do not appreciate it enough having learned over Millenniums to consider ourselves as inferior beings and having forgotten the knowledge of who we are in our inherence in the Ultimate Divine.

It will reveal Itself if we let go, or cease to identify with  what we are not: unpleasant emotions and thoughts, or even a body, because in reality we are free and not enclosed it any of that. 

This has been said in many the messages in this blog.

I will keep you updated when something comes through, but at the moment there is this silence of the heart (didn't we have this already before ? :)  - but it always appears in different qualities ) which tells me: nothing is more important than this - at this time. 

So "they" leave me in peace so far, knowing that "no word" could ever compete with the message of the still-point - or should we call it the "zero-point"?

In the midst of it - I'd love hearing from you, my sisters and brothers!

You might find it strange, but you are in my thoughts and feeling, although I do not "know"  most of you! 

With love and with blessings!
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Sintese said...

Dear Ute, you translate in words what we feel. It's great. We thank you very much for your work and we're waiting for more.

nobody said...

Thank you. I keep getting the term "The Stillness" popping up into my awareness lately. I haven't totally figured it out yet but I keep getting clues. :)