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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
 By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Dear Friends and Readers of my Blog!

In my report  “The Elohim and the Ascension Plan for Earth and Humanity” I have been referring to my connection with the Elohim. Since then they have not been communicating with me, until yesterday, when they again contacted me and talked to me with the language of higher mind and light.

First I did not consider to publish their communication, but then felt that they provide information which is probably of use for some of my readers.
This communication also allows you, to follow the process of the work and service of one of your fellow "wanderers" on the Great Path, which is hopefully also inspiring for you, as you might recognize somehow yourself in it.

And this is how the Elohim began to speak:

“My dear, now the time has come where our collaboration can come to fruition!
As you know, we invited you after the 11.11.11 event back into our council to participate with us. This is part of your life-contract.

It is your well tested
sovereignty which entitles you to be a participant in our meetings, and your testing phase is over. You are now a legitimate member.

While I receive their message, I feel beautiful  white light pouring into my heart, the whole chest and forehead and spreading all over my body, both cooling and burning  as white fire.

“What is the qualification of a member?", they continue.

First of all, it is the
sovereignty, as we already mentioned. What we mean by this is your spiritual integrity and your love and caring for all beings, having the very best for everybody in your heart. It also means that you are not susceptible to the degree where you give up your own deepest convictions or avoid to speak the truth afraid of being judged or to please others or to be “loved” by them.

Secondly, a member must be able to communicate with us on the level of our light frequency, and must also be able to transmit this light which is received directly into the cells of your body. The transmission of this light, a light, directly coming from the Creator, is necessary, because it serves Gaia while channeled through an incarnated soul into Gaia’s energy field which has thereby an effect on all living beings, animated and non-animated. It contributes to the  rising of the light quotient of your planet with all her inhabitants.

As you know, everything is about the light quotient in your ascension process and being a member in our council you receive all our support as we are working on the ascension process of earth and humanity. By participating in this light process a member is directly participating in the collective effort to change the frequency not only on your planet, but also thereby in your whole solar system, which in turn reflects back to the star systems in your Galaxy, the Milky Way. This is necessarily so because of the inter-connectedness of all creation.

The 3th qualification is to be able to convey our communications by putting them into a human language so that they can be understood by other human beings.

At this time you fulfill all three necessary criteria and you have therefore attained full membership in our council.

Our meetings are mainly about re-consolidating your functions and about corrections and re-adjustments of your body-mind energy-system, which also includes a regular update of a member's light quotient. We know very well that our members' connections with denser energy fields can affect their own level of light-vibration. Therefore this has to be adjusted from time to time.

In our meetings our members also are encouraged to report back to us their experiences and understanding of the state and progress of the human evolutionary process from their own observations,  and to make suggestions as to what is needed to repair and enforce stagnant light quotient processes of individual-or group-consciousness units. In that way those individuals and groups can receive our special attention and we can help to adjust their progress to rise their frequencies. Most of this work is done when they sleep, and there are only a few who will remember what happened when they wake up in the morning. But they will notice that they feel lighter and happier that day without knowing why, and that is the sign that it has been worked on them.

Having explained to you all about your membership, we also want to emphasize that you are free to call upon us any time and we will respond to you accordingly. This will serve your knowing that your membership is alive and your service is acknowledged.”

I feel an ever more  increasing influx of light from above into my body, and I ask for instructions how to function exactly as a transmitter of their light.

“Dear One, just invoke us and we will flow through you the Creators Light into Gaia's ethereal fields, so you allow it and with your appropriate intention

It is necessary that you practice this communion with us on a regular basis, so that we can be effective through you  in any given moment you call upon us or when your service is needed.

We will sometimes have messages to humanity as well and we are greatful if you would make yourself available for this.”

I ask whether they help me to consciously know about our meetings and to remember them in detail in my 3dimensional state.

“Dear One, all of this will happen in due course of time. For now know that you will be aware of all that you need to be aware. This is about very fundamental functions, such as feeling our light in your body and receiving our communications while awake in 3D."

I ask: who exactly are you? There are people who say that there are 14 Elohim of the 7 rays, but I do not  identify you as such, although I have a connection to Apollo of the 2nd ray and Lord Arcturus of the 7th ray.

“We belong  to, what  some call, the “Elohim of the Five Secret Rays” in the Galactic Center. We are of the original Light of the Creator, working with the Creator Light directly, and not less. We are at the origin of creation and carry out the Will of the Creator, as we are the immediate instruments of His Creation. “

I ask: Could you be also called The Divine Mother?

“Yes, you could say so, as we are the intelligent activity of Divine Light, which is One with the Consciousness of All-That-Is.”

Where are the meetings happening, in which I participate?, I ask.
The Elohim, who contacted me after the 11.11.11 event, said they were of the 7th dimension.

“The 7th Dimension is a so called “Mirror-Dimension”. It is the Dimension of reflection and functions as a Midway Station between the 3th dimension and the Galactic Center, if you will.
Beings who are communicating from the 7th dimension go there because it is easy  for them, without having to step down from their Realm of Higher Light, because of this mirror functionality of 7D. They can simply project themselves to there effectively, in order to communicate to beings who are incarnated in lower densities, while they are remaining with their essence in the Realms above 7D, including the Galactic Center.

Meetings happen therefore in 7D, because it is a place where we all can meet. You can project easily to there as well, as we do from our place of the Creator Light.

So what you perceive so far, is our projection to 7D, but you are at the same time also connected with us via our projection, to where we truly exist, in the Galactic Center.

Thank you, your transcript is correct.

We bless you and we are so happy to have you with us!

We Are the Elohim of the Creator’s Light."

So much blessing! This contact with the Elohim is bliss and energizes my multidimensional existence and identity. And this service, which is an expression of inherent joy, also demonstrates that there are no "independent" entities and that we all are like beads on a string, which is the Love- Blissful Light and Consciousness of the Ultimate. It is the Ultimate which is our true Self and which is not separate and which is not limited even to a "Higher Self", which is in itself still a confinement and signifies a process of separation, although a very subtle one. To me this is true freedom and inspiration, to share the Infinite Divine in service with other beings of Light who are but an expression of IT. What greater gift can be given to us while here in this density of a 3th dimension, and which is even Divine too, if we agree that there is Only the Divine.

The service of the Elohim and my participation in it, makes it ever so more clear to me again that all beings are ultimately here to serve together, and not as separate entities, the Great Process of Creation, as long as they do not yet return to the Source, The-All-That-Is, stepping out of the circle of Coming and Going. 

Much love to my brothers and sisters!

Reported by Ute


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  1. Thanks a lot Ute,
    Love you!


  2. I follow Ute avidly. He is a wonderful communicator. Love and light Healing Star

  3. Dear friends, thank you for your comments. I am female though :)
    Love and Blessings!

  4. Dear Ute,

    Something is coming up you may be able to help reconcile? When a dialog takes place that references 'membership' to an exclusive club, or insinuates being special, by definition this is separation and feels egoist in nature. Thus it becomes difficult to understand and feel how this Unity/Oneness/Equality path we are ascending to is going or being 'integrated'.

    Please, no disrespect, diminishment, or negative judgement is intended with this inquiry. You are to be Honored and Recognized for the wonderful service you provide for all.

    But who better to help reconcile the question!

    In Love & Gratitude,

  5. Dear Shravaka,
    believe it or not, I do not feel special, but rather ordinary. Service is never to be "special", you just are part of a function, you function according to your life-plan and in this case galactic karmic disposition. It's interesting that you ask because I just felt it so strongly today that "I" as a separate being do not exist in that function. It is all about energy and conducting it. It is a process.
    Also it is not about a membership in an "exclusive club". This again is a perception of the separate mind and thereby a projection of one's ego. The Elohim themselves are servants too, it is about being a wheel in the total orchestration of creation. It is all One, if you understand that there is in Truth only One Divine Consciousness and only One That acts. This understanding requires to transcend your identification with separateness. It has to do with surrender to the Ultimate. It seems to be a paradox as well. Lightworkers usually understand themselves as great beings, as masters. I do not understand myself as such, but as a part of the Great Divine Being, as everybody is. So I give all honor to That One, without feeling "small". Service satisfies my heart and gives me joy because for me it is the fullness of being if I do my part. So you could say perhaps that there is just joy when there is service. Joy is a state, isn’t it and doesn’t "think" in terms of being “special” or somebody “great”. It is a quality of the feeling heart.
    I hope I was able to explain your question.
    Love and Blessings,

  6. Beloved Ute,

    Yes, your insights and explanations resonate. The projection observation? Well, anyone who has honored any type of egoist discernment process, can certainly understand how tricky this little bugger can be. This is something we all must take personal responsibility for, and can only be resolved within an intimate space of sincerity in our own Hearts. Please forgive me.

    Your Divine feminine nature and perceptions are a gift.

    In Love & Gratitude,

  7. hello. my name is George. for some reason I am on a huge quest for spiritual knowledge so that I may be some day become spiritually enlightened. I have asked god many questions and I have infact gotten back several messages that I had to write down. what was given to me is unconventional knowledge and is not known yet. I was told to write a book with them in it and use the profit from it to help the homeless and people that are in financial trouble. I made a solemn vow to god that if he would use me to give new knowledge to the world that I would do what he told me to do. I am currently awaiting more messages. when I asked questions in search of spiritual knowledge that I may ascend spiritually, at the end of those messages he told me, I didn't give this knowledge to you for you to keep for yourself. I want you to spread the word and pass on my wisdom. I said absolutely. what I want to know is how can I communicate with the Elohim? I want to know how I can do it in hopes I may be able to learn more. but im thinking when it's time for me to know, then the message will be sent. I did have a dream about the coming apocalypse and the things I saw in explicit and vivid detail in my dream I really cant tell anybody. they are way beyond violence and suffering that we know of. I also wanted to mention that I just started looking up the Elohim just today. and when I saw pictures of them, for some reason I felt this feeling of overwhelming love and joy and I almost started crying....