Saturday, January 14, 2012


Dear friends and readers of my blog,

well, what about this "silence" - I thought I need to explain that it is not just a airy thing that's going on, as if it would mean some absence or "other-wordliness", hard to grasp and only something in my mind.

I don't know about you, but in my experience there seems to descend on us a huge new wave of conscious energy, very thick and warm and embracing - and extremely powerful.

It seems to undo our old world, perception and way of existence, with the intention to replace everything that has been so far our reality in the long lasting past of the last millenniums. It is the Descend of a higher Vibration, Density and Dimension into our world and life.

It makes me speechless and each morning the waking up process (returning to my body here) requires me to allow this immensity to press down (my God and with what a power!) and to descend into my body and and whole being, and to unfold and to spread out so that it seems that "it" now wants to take over my life, making me silent and stops me searching, (although my other creative self wants to continue its course, but is put to accept and to be soaked and drawn into this new presence). 

Is this easy to take? The old me says: No! It is unbearable, it says, as my familiar world seems to fall apart. But I know it has to surrender and I don't know what will come out on the other side as "me", when the integration has happened. And yes, it dawns in me: it is about integration, and when that is done, a new and transformed creativity will be born, so I hope. But who knows. It is the acceptance of the un-known.

Please, bear with me, but I know you understand, because many of you have their own more or less awesome and glorious transition period at hand (but which can feel sometimes strange too).

Even our neighbors changed, people who would be never open to any other dimension but working, eating and sleeping. Never wanted to know anything beyond that narrow cocoon of life. They recently asked me about 2012 and the rest,  and they started to radiate when I painted the beautiful picture. They were all happy eyes and ears and their hearts open for love. 

What a joy! Friends, it is spreading!  It IS happening!

This new conscious energy takes away every familiar perception of our reality as we know it, and it happens for everybody! Isn't this the greatest answer to the urgent question, so many of us have: "but how will this ascension process occur? How will the masses awaken?" 

I have seen the first sign shortly after the 11.11.11 event,
and now these first signs are bearing their first fruit!

Now we are given evidence that it occurs, by grace. The evidence that it will occur for everybody! 
I am sure you all have your own stories confirming this! 

No doubt, we are already in the midst of the great shift, preparing us for the Galactic Alignment in December of this year. 

Please be aware, that this is a personal testimony, a testimony from a resident of our most beautiful planet Gaia, from a direct participant in this great process, and not a message from our friends off the planet. 

What we have been told for so long is becoming our own tangible reality now. I consider this to be very important! Especially for those who are struggling with self-doubt. I wish from my heart you are inspired and drop your concerns how all will turn out.

Please don't hesitate, dearest sisters and brothers, to share your own experience here with us!

With love and blessings,
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  1. Dear Ute,I fully agree:this IS happening!The reality IS changing,although not in a way many lightworkers expect.It is all coming from within,thats why there are so many disappointed ones because they expect changes from without(disclosure,pole shift etc.)They simply miss the point about Ascension and are not able to let go 3D ways of thinking and free themselves from the tyranny of Ego.So they still go through a lot of suffering,unfortunately.I had to release all 3D attachements to finally feel free.I didnt force myself to anything,I just listened to my inner voice and stop doing what I didn't feel good with anymore,including well-paid work.I will not lie to you:it was not easy at first,my old world was falling apart and it caused a lot of fear.But it was worth it!It all happened after 11.11,but started gradually since August.I know some lightworkers who still are not able to release the old,so they go through lot of suffering and fear-I understand them very well,I know how difficult it may be.I have gone through incredible mood swings,panicked that I will not survive without work,many times doubted about the whole Ascension BS:)I even tried to kill myself!I would do anything to leave this reality,until finally I realised that I can CHANGE it.It is impossible to explain with words,but how can words explain anything about 5D?You cannot apply any science or any other idea that is from the old 3D way of thinking.It is not about finding a new leader or guru-the only leader is WITHIN,the only one that will show the right way,any other will keep us off the track.I will stop here,although I could write much more,but there is no way of describing the whole thing-one must simply experience it to know what I mean.Fortunately,there are so many now who follow their inner guidance,who simply by following it can't fall off the track.
    Much love to everyone

    1. Thank you, dear Jakub, for sharing! What you say is very true and I feel it is helpful and confirming for others who go through similar experiences:

      This shift is a shift in our being, a shift in consciousness first, and the world "outside" will follow. First there is a consciousness and then there is a world. It is only the mirror from what is within. First we must change fundamentally inside before the "outside" will have changed fundamentally too. The way is from inside out, and not the other way around. That is simply the law which applies to this great process of the shift too.

      What would we do with a new world if we haven't yet changed our consciousness appropriately? We couldn't really handle it and it would draw us back into a 3D world.

      When I started to realize that the change of the outer world takes much longer than expected I decided not to suffer and to be happy, meaning to surrender to my deeper Self and allow myself to be guided by it.

      I admire your courage of letting everything behind you what started to feel not right anymore! The journey is so exciting because we enter a new territory which cannot be controlled by our old way of self-identification.

      Yes, we are loosing our old identity, which is sometimes scary. But if we allow it we enter a space of ourselves much happier than every before.

      Much love,

  2. Dear Ute...

    I have LOVED "taking in" your last 3 personal messages!! Your words have helped me to simply let this new "wide open" space of One Beingness have me ... ALL of me. It is like the dream character "me" of duality/3d has floated through a doorway; and what WAS the illusion of my "denser" dream life, even the "other characters" in that dream, are now behind me now.

    This has happened in a HUGE way in the past 10 days or so....even having the phone plugged into the illusion no longer fits for me. And I'm only on-line now because I walk to the library to use a computer.

    And, what I am feeling is that the deep grief I feel from the letting go (right now, it's concerning my daughter and the illusion that I am her "parent"), is immediately met with this most beautiful in-describable feeling (I agree with Jakub's words!) of what's FAR MORE REAL than what I'm emotionally releasing from the dream reality!!

    I am finding that the main themes in the movie "Inception" are giving me such support in letting go of all the sub-dreams within the dream; and letting my dreams collapse as they must, to ascend into the experience of the deeper truths of ME ... of us all!!

    Anyway, also like Jakub, I could write more, but I will simply close by telling you I've very much appreciated your courage in putting your truth out here for all to feel and be supported by. This is the level of ourselves that few have experienced on this earth, and it is such an honor to know I'm sharing in this new experience with you and others! Thank you for this forum!

    With so much love and feelings of ONEness with and for ALL! Robin

    1. Dear Robin, yes, exactly! You are riding the wave! You are taking advantage what is revealed to us all now: accepting to be what we are (and always have been!) Thank you so much for sharing! It is more than wonderful to participate in the awakening of the great human heart!
      Much love to you too and with gratitude!

  3. Dear Ute, please give us a guide to release our ego, in my case, lately i feel like falling in the old fears that i believed had surpassed. I allways has been a solitary man, who believed that i didnt need to anybody to live. Maybe my capacity to learn the matter of the physical world has carried me to have this immense one ego. But i dont have any experience in the spiritual world, and i can feel like a battle between my old feelings and this new feelings that i want to know.

    I love all yours messages, that has been very constructive for my ignorance in this kind of matters.

    Many thanks.

    1. Dear sangrenegrv,
      yes, at this time of great release, old stuff might come up, but only to be released forever in your wide open space of heart!
      This fear tells you: look, you have not truly released me into your radiant heart. You do not acknowledge your heart to be the governor of your life.

      The new feeling you want to know is nothing but your true self, which is not your intellect and not your mind, but the infinite radiant space of your own heart. That's what you REALLY are. It is a far higher vibration than the density of your lower self, or ego, the one with the fear. And in this higher vibration all your ego vanishes.
      Because the ego is an illusion, and so is fear, as you are limiting the vibration of your own true Self, the ego is literally a contraction upon your true identity, the infinite field of heart-energy. It is a contraction into separateness, but which you are not.

      Yes, most of us have lived our lives in this illusion of separation with a contracted heart. But what is now occurring is that we all, - literally all of us - are relieved from this illusion of what we are not, merely by allowing to rise our vibration with the help of the new incoming waves of light.
      To release the illusion of your "ego" is to allow your heart to be wide, wide open, so that the high vibration of your I AM consciousness is revealed.

      We started to create our ego with this closing down of our heart mostly early in childhood. It was an unconscius reaction, perhaps driven by the fear to be hurt or to be abandoned, hoping to be more "safe" when we rely only on “ourselves”, to the point we we think we do not need others. And perhaps it served the idea to feel strong. But still you need a lot of self-contracton to keep this image alive.

      I am sure that there was a time in your life when you knew the ease of your open heart. When there was not this stress of self-contraction. This openess, this happiness! This Love! Remember it, because you want to know. And you want to know because you are participating already in the great heart awakening/opening of humanity which is One. Open your heart and keep it open, because it is your natural state and identity.

      And you can do it as you are carried and pervaded already by the great waves of awakening.

      Many blessings!

  4. Thank you Ute, I am forever grateful for your personal messages and channeled messages. It is great to read about your personal process, and what you are feelings. I, too, have been getting those feelings, connecting with Gaia, and All That is, and feeling those harmonic energies of Love and Light feeling the vibrations. I opened myself up to unconditionally loving myself for, in my previous 3D life, I experienced depression and anxiety coming from me hating my 3D life, and waiting to leave this plane. To express linear time, the past 3-4 years has been such an acceleration within. I feel, my soul resonates 5D and beyond and my body moving from 3D, 4D and within a few short moments, my body will radiate physically in 5D.

    Thank you again for opening the discussion panel and allowing me and others the opportunity to share with you. I have written numerous essays but mostly use the words one, all, other ones, instead of the other words.

    All Life within All Universes are in this together, whether knowingly or not because all life are evolving regardless of where one is evolving to. All I know is my heart longs to unite with all life within all dimensional realms within all universes. May Love Flow Deep within your heart Ute, and May your Light shine ever so brilliantly as all the colors you may choose so that you may share your Love and Light with all who choose to resonate with you, physically, spiritually, and through your written expressions.

    Forever Grateful, RC Towers

  5. Thank you, RC, dearly for sharing your heart! And for your loving words! We are living in a wonderful time, I love you and all!

  6. Dear Ute, this is RC, asking for your assistance, if you can assist. I am wondering if you have any techniques, or recommendations on things to do with regard to understanding fully where one comes from. I wholeheartedly feel connected with All Life within this Universe and yet I do not know from where I came. I mean, I understand that we all come from higher dimensional realities, and yet, at this stage in my progress I really do not know where I come from. I mean during the energies of 11:11, I wrote an essay regarding who I feel I am, but I am beginning to wonder if this is true. I wrote that I feel my oversoul is a multi-universal being and through me, this is the first experience anywhere within this universe. Please, if you have any techniques, and/or recommendations that you can teach me to really know from where I come from, I will highly appreciate it. May One Love All as One. RC

    1. Dear RC, I do not have a technique. Keep asking your Higher Self and your guides. I am sure you will get the answer when your Higher Self wants you to know. Ultimately you are not any of your incarnations in any realm or universe, you are pure Divine Love-Blissful Radiant Consciousness, in which all these worlds and identities arise. That's where you ultimately come from. It is beyond mind, gross, subtle and causal, of which all the universes are made.
      Love to you, Ute