Sunday, January 15, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2012
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I AM your God-Self,
Speaking to all humanity ~

Things occur not yet in your outer world because you still hold on to your old limited consciousness.
You cannot change your outer world experience while you still live and breathe as you have done for so many millenniums.

So that your outer world can change you must first change yourself, you must stop to seek and cultivate your point of view  of your merely 3D world. The idea of change of your financial and governmental models, the idea of the “disclosure” of the existence of an extraterrestrial presence , who is willing to serve your ascension process, is rightful and desirable. However it is first you who must change your paradigm of self-identification in order to make these changes in a Divine way to occur,  created from the perfection of  a Divine and higher dimensional Vision.

First you must be willing to change your consciousness. Because how can you create a new world with your old consciousness?

You must first turn upside down, you must come off from your peripheral self-identification down to the center and truth of who you are. What governed so far your life, the idea of separateness, which is the sign of your identification with a 3D based body-mind, is therefore still continuing to  repeat manifesting and holding tight to your old familiar world, although you are looking for changes.
You must sacrifice your separate self to create your new world. Only if you step into your true identity your new world starts to manifest for you.

It is not the mission of your galactic friends to “rescue” you! As if humanity could not grow up to be adults -spiritual adults, those who know who they are: Divine Beings, living as Unity. So should they then come to "save" unconscious and irresponsible children and take away from you this unsurpassed opportunity humanity is given at this time, to grow by discovering their own divine Self? No, your galactic friends will come to serve you in your human awakening of Self. And they come when you are ready, when you have renewed yourself to allow the new world to emerge.

To prepare yourselves for the higher dimensions, you must  acknowledge first of all your own God-Self and allow it to come forward and govern your life, because there is no single being of the higher dimensions whose life is not surrendered to their God-Self too.

And you can neither truly recognize them as who they are while you still hold on to your illusionary peripheral self of separation and false identity, nor will you change your world for real. Mere prosperity is not enough, and mere friendly new governments are not enough, they do not express in and of themselves what you truly are, a glorious heart of wonders and unconditional love and beauty, vibrating as Infinity in the Light of All-That-Is. Your new world must be the mirror of That Divinity, and not less. Is this not your heart’s desire?
Why fly low if you can fly high?

Dearest ones, you have been given already the new wave of Divine Consciousness and Love to manifest in your world. Accept It first as your Own and let it change you,  before you can expect the creation of the wonders of your new world to emerge.

Be blessed!

I AM your God-Self

Conveyed by Ute

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je-so said...

Why are you saying this. There is a divine time plan and no one can accelerate it or slowing it done without the acceptance of all that is.

So what, we all wait as along as is necessary.

But not any second longer.

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

We are all players in this, and our destiny where we go depends on where we want to go. The new world is still an empty canvas and we are invited to paint. And seconds, aka time, does not exist in the higher dimensions.It is an idea of 3D.