Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2012
We are the Arcturians!

We take your experience not to be able to convey messages as usual because of computer problems as an example.

Dear one, writing messages will not be forever part of your service to humanity, as the energies will change.

There will be a time when all your computers and your internet on your world will not work properly because of the interference of the incoming new frequencies on your world. Although you will probably feel at first uneasy with it – what perhaps also others might feel when they are no longer nurtured and informed by messages, such as yours and of  the many other channels – be assured though that this interference serves a greater purpose.

Dear ones, this will be the time when each one of you will have no other choice than deepen your relationship with your own deeper heart to be guided and informed by it, and also to step out from your place of retreat from your old nonfunctional world, because this is the beginning of the new world to join your brothers and sisters, your human family more directly and more united than ever before.

Soon there will be a time when you all experience direct communication from your heart with the hearts of everybody. And this will be for each of you of great joy and pleasure, as you start to recognize one another from the heart of unity and inherent love.

You will no longer connect with each other from a separate, distant and superficial part of yourself, but you will connect with the Center of your Being, all seeming separation and isolation transcended and healed with the inherent Knowing and Realization in your heart – not just the vision and the mental concept and intuition of it – that you are all one.

The conscious field of this Oneness is the Zeropoint Field of your Inner Heart which is greater than all ideas and mental processes, and which is associated with your True Self and the True Self of All.

The disabling of electronic devices for a time will serve the initiation of humanity to discover this unity in their hearts with one another, so that whatever intention your controllers had, to enhance your separation from each other, can be clearly dropped and just disappears.

At that time most of  your channels will have most likely fulfilled their service of providing the human family with information from the Higher Realms, from Souls of the Christed Light who helped to awaken them and to remember their own Christed Center of their very Being.

And it is in this Oneness which you all realize with one another, that you will enter the great shift of the dimensions, which you are all so much longing for.

The direct and lively interaction from the heart, which will occur because you will experience some disappearance of many of your usual constituents of your world, will serve the very last one of you. Because as you all will come closer together -- while the means of separation, intentionally implemented into your society by your controllers, are falling apart -- all hearts will be ignited.

Therefore, although your usual world is partly and somehow not available to you, you all will notice and experience a greater power and fullness of your being, as you unite to cooperate and come together  more closely. And by this time all animosities, fights of competition and fear will have been taken away from your auric field and from that of your Mother Earth. And this is also contributing greatly to your joyful unification with your brothers and sisters.

Dear ones, you are indeed approaching a glorious time ahead. Do not fear the loss of things and ways of living, but welcome the New Field of Unity, in which all hearts, including that of Mother Earth, are participating.
Humanity will awaken to the Power of True Love, which is not just a personal feeling, but which is the Power which unites and keeps together all beings,worlds and universes.

It is this Power which transforms your world and your consciousness. 

This is the Shift into the higher dimensions.

Be well!
We are the Arcturians!

Conveyed by Ute 
Australia, 23.January 2012

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  1. Will this event happen before or in summer 2012 so that we all especially those in the northern hemisphere can experience the "summer of love" ?

    Jörg S.

    1. I leave this answer to your own intuition. Dates cannot be given. Blessings!

  2. Lovely post Ute highly resonate, some where it touched a deeper part of my Being so relieved
    Thank you

  3. what a awesome website!! look forward to reading more..thank you marylen

  4. I think it will noht come 2012, i think 2014 or later. I think, it depends not on sunflares, but as he said new spiritual energy in the world, which i think will come up clearly not untill 2015 to the masses