Tuesday, February 28, 2012


                                   Dear friends and readers of my blog,

with the strong geomagnetic disturbances underway, it is very important to maintain balance, not only mentally and emotionally, but also in terms of being grounded in our body and such to be connected with our Beloved Gaia, as our process is also hers, it is a united process. To be grounded in Gaia, also implies to be rested in our heart. Please also see "My conversation with Gaia". 

According to my conversation with the Spirit of the Sun, we can use the breath too, to inhale the incoming frequencies into our heart, this helps us also to be centered there. 

This is the most important thing we can do at this moment: to practice to be in the  presence of our heart, in the midst of the electro-magnetic disturbances, like being in the eye of the storm, in the still-point of a hurricane. 
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2012
There will be many more of these disturbances during this year, and each of us can contribute to the peace on earth - in a rapidly and on all levels changing world - by choosing to enter the inner domain of our own true being. We all can do it because the information of the light-codes, pouring into our world, contain the remembrance of our past and future, the remembrance of who we are as the ascended heart.

Especially through the working of our beloved Sun, the torus field of our heart is greatly empowered and expanded so that it is very easy now for us to enter this space humanity has once lost.

We have been granted all the means to make this powerful transition into a new and Divine World successful. 
We must remember that we are never unable to cope because for every challenge imposed on us by the forces of the universe, we have been given also tremendous help. The greater the challenge the greater the help.

We only must be willing to utilize this help, and we are already participating in this gigantic evolutionary leap, orchestrated by the Forces of Light and Inspired by the Highest Will of God. 

The still-point of the heart is all we need to own, to sail safely through all the demands of our daily lives. We can be a silent torch for others who do not yet understand the deeper working behind the visible growing of uncertainties. But we can speak when they ask. And ever more are asking! 

In many parts which are starting to fall apart in our lives, we can see what has been grounded on false foundations, mostly without our knowing and understanding. And they can open our eyes for the greater reality, for all what has been hidden from our eyes. 

Now we are going to build a new earth, a world with the foundations of love and integrity, a world where we all care about one another, a world where there is happiness and abundance.  A world where we realize our inherent unity with one another and with all beings. On the planet and off the planet.

We can decide to look forward to what we want to create from now on, instead of grieving about what we are loosing or what we have already lost. We are creator beings and always have been, we only didn't know it! We have been giving away this power to others for a long time (and even this was an act of our creation!). Now we learn how to use it again for our own and the sake and happiness of all beings. 

There are no messages from other realms coming through me at this point. I understand this as a sign that we need to focus on our own tangible experience right here in our bodies on this earth, as what has been prophesied is occurring right now in our own very bodies of experience and we need to have our focus there. It is happening and we are witnesses of it now. We are becoming our own prophets now. And deeper things are being revealed to us about who we are and what we are to become. And we need to listen. It is this message which to deliver is my task in this very moment.

As we know, things can change in the blink of an eye  though.
As always,it is my pleasure to hear from you, dearest friends!

Much love and blessings,

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