Tuesday, October 9, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012
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My dear friends,
while seeing and experiencing the opening, the message started to unfold ....


"You are not the body.
The chains which artificially have been tying up your free and radiant consciousness with the physical body, are being dissolved as the powers of the  controllers are fading.

The clouds of darkness are vanishing which kept you in the illusion of limitations and the identification with the body-mind.

You are not the mind.
Mind is an appearance that comes with embodiment, no matter how dense or subtle, how dark or how full of light.

The Grace of your True State is body- and mindless.
Even mind is a function only to navigate in creation, which is of the mind itself.

If you go beyond body and beyond mind there is unlimited feeling, it is free of emotion. IT IS. IT IS Radiant. IT IS Freedom.

Allow this freedom to rise “above” the body, above in the sense of releasing the body out of sight as you more and more are centering at the core and essence of what you truly Are: Divine Consciousness, Radiant and Ever-Blissful. IT is not “in” the body. The body is IN IT!

IN IT Itself nothing arises, as soon as you withdraw even your subtle mind and your subtle senses, the senses which perceive the higher worlds and  dimensions, from what they perceive.

Then your primordial State prevails, Stillness prevails, bring this back to the body and let it unfold and pervade all things and worlds.

Because of this Indestructible Truth of your Divine Essence, the loop of your dark timeline, intended to feed itself continuously, is broken. The dark tunnel has a grand opening for the first time into the realms of light, the realms of Divine Creation. There it ends, and no willful forces can ever again  close this opening.

The Power of My Conscious Light is Radiant and It is Standing at the end of the dark wormhole of your old world. And everything of this ill appearance will transition into a New Reality.

Never forget Who You Are, even when you are going to experience the new worlds of splendour and seeming satisfactions. Because without Me nothing of all of it would be possible to enjoy. Everything is Full of Me. And Only Me.

Even the broken light of the rainbow is borrowed from Me, the Radiant Unbroken Light of Lights! I AM your Source and I AM not created! I Exist of Myself. 

In a Split of My Consciousness, where I Started to Look at Myself, mysteriously Creator Gods appeared, they took My Substance and created wonderfully all these marvelous Divine Worlds. You will see them soon! They are ready for you to explore.

But none of them is your true identity! None! I AM!
I Love You As Myself!

I AM your God-Self!"

Message conveyed by Ute 

P.S. I noticed this was posted exactly at 12:12 PM!



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Anonymous said...

Beloved Ute,

Could you provide your perspective on the difference between "feelings" and "emotions"?

<3 to you

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Feeling is a higher faculty, connected with Higher Intelligence and the Heart. You could compare it with the clear waters of a calm lake, so clear that it is like a mirror. Feeling has no obstructions and expands to infinity.
While emotions are short-waved, they are reactions to something, like anger, fear, etc, and can be compared with waves in the lake, when a storm comes up.
Both, feeling and emotions belong to the water element. Which is a spiritual element. With feeling we can connect with our True Self and to all that is Divine. But not with emotions.
I hope this helps! <3

Anonymous said...

You have validated and clarified something there has always been a knowingness about... While attempting to explain this to others, who see them as one in the same (and they are particularly correct), your insights can help to discern these important points.

You're awesome Ute!!!

In Gratitude,