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By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
Please also read update from 21.8.12

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Beloved friends,

I am publishing my experience because it is one of the many testimonies of the human evolution, that can confirm your own experience, or inspire those who seek inspiration. I do not "own" the process, experiences and insights described, rather it belongs to us all and is nothing but one of the points of ignition in the one huge human grid of ascension, that are rapidly multiplying themselves, because this is the destiny of humanity.

12.12.12 has been for me a very peaceful day of meditation and writing. The air enjoyably saturated with the vibration of most Exquisite Love. A Majestic, Powerful Light Pouring directly into our Earth's Atmosphere bringing with It the Presence of I AM.

This message is mainly concentrating on the culmination point of this day, around 12:12 PM. In the beginning I received  direct verbal information in the context of what I experienced at that time, but as I continued with writing, only images were shown to me which I translated into language.

Around the 12:12 PM mark my consciousness shifted in meditation to a new ‘location', so to speak, although not really totally new, but it was rather a deepening of something already to me familiar. Just as PachaMama had predicted the other day.

It began with a deep, peacefully expansive subtle vibration of the heart, felt as profound Sacred and Eternal Stillness, a state I always have access to.
PachaMama was with me and had told me that she would guide me to the Place in my heart from where creation begins.

First NovaTerra  (which I had visited last September and where I had discovered that She was pure Consciousness)  appeared in the deep Space of my heart. And while She did so, I was immediately aware of the fact that I have not been going "anywhere" from here to visit Her earlier, - although it appeared to be - but that all I did was being in my heart! This was to me a stunning revelation and a great teaching I can never forget, as it is now imprinted deeply in my consciousness!

Then other versions of earth appeared, deserted landscapes, and other darker ones, inhabited by robot-like slaves. I was not immediately aware, that what I have been shown was a possible future version of humanity on an earth, that did not ascend. I saw masses of human-like bodies, all of the same shape and moving in complete synchronicity, like clock work.

I asked what could be done about this, how we could help, and the answer was: Forget about it, and it will cease to exist! This answer puzzled me at first because we always want to fix things on the surface instead of changing the root of their existence!  

Keep in mind, all of this happened as a tangible reality in the heart, it was not merely a vision, but a deeply felt experience.

There was nothing to help in fact but it was about not to re-enforce an illusionary reality! 
Remember, that’s how we change what our true heart does not want.

So what we need to do is to allow the complete erasing of this image paired with emotion, from the human collective consciousness, that has been projected into our reality by our controllers since Millenniums.  Now is the time to do this, we only have to ask the Creator-Forces of Light for it! 

I then was drawn far above the body into light and traces of blissful states, while at the same time remaining in the cave of the heart. And with it the question arose: what is then the function of the brain in all of that?

What followed is hard to describe because it cannot be understood with the 3D mind.
We have to change our perception of reality to understand with the higher, senior mind and to feel at the same time a different reality.

The brain, I experienced, is the one that creates the virtual reality. The reality most of us are aware of, is not real, it is unreal and a projection from inside out. Meaning, the outer world is not real, it is an illusion.

This understanding is not new of course, even science is discussing this. But I am describing a direct experience which tells me that we can discover with our own consciousness the truth, without using complicated machines, physics, mathematical formula and  thinking-processes.

Again, also this concept is not new, highly spiritually advanced galactic civilizations tell us, that they do not need artificial technologies, such as spaceships. They have all necessary technologies naturally within their own consciousness.

Recently I have become even more aware about the nature of our body-mind that is holographic by default.

I am seeing from the Heart the holographic grid from which our body is made, based on Sacred Geometry, and how it is kept alive as such by the brain via projection. This holographic body is so to speak outside of, or surrounding the “Heart”, the space where true creation arises, or is rather an appendix of It.

I remembered my experience last year on 11.11.11 when I have been drawn far above my body into a space of  Radiant White Light and Eternal Bliss. At that time I have been guided by our star families. But now, at this point in time, I have been guided by the ancient wisdom of the indigenous people and shown from the position in the heart, the possibility that what I experienced, was an illusion projected by the brain!

I say 'possibility' because this is a question, I could not yet figure out fully, but getting close to it. Illusion relates also to the experience of bliss when projected by the brain. Please come to your own conclusions!

But in this context I also remember the statement ( I believe from the Mayas or the Pleiadians, which does not make a big difference) that we create the whole universe in our heart. And this is not so much different from my own experience described above.  

They say that the universe only exists because it arises in our heart, whether we know it or not. Insofar it is thoroughly dependent on us. And this is the reason, why earth-humanity is so important for our galactic family. Their existence depends on us!
Please come to your own conclusions!

According to the Maya prophecy, as reported by Drunvalo Melchizedek, but also according to Edgar Cayce and scientists, there will be a physical pole shift during the window of the “end of time” (2007 – 2014/15) for several reasons, I won’t discuss here. This shift could happen now any time or later, and also scientists say this.

Contemplating this possibility and how humanity would deal with it, PachaMama said, that there is only one place to go: into the heart. Not into the “sky” above, but to Where and What We Already Are: the Heart.

The Heart is a portal, and each human being has one, independent from outer space, spaceships and “help” from outer Forces, such as our Galactic Family! We have it all “within” us, that is  to say, the Heart is the Center of Reality around Which this illusionary body- and world-projection rotates.

By using this portal, we are able to transition into the higher dimensional new earth, when cataclysmic events occur. Because in the higher dimensions cataclysms don’t exist. This statement is not new either, but has been just again directly experienced (and not just thought) by another member of this human family. The morphic field is working!

Cataclysms or not, by using the portal of the Heart we do not need to “create” or search for portals outside of It, as the Heart is the Zero-Point of creation Itself, and using the portal of the Heart is the most natural way to change dimensions.

This was shown to me in a way that I did internalize it by direct knowingness.

What then about other pathways, not everybody chooses the portal of the heart, my question was.

Well, PachaMama said, everybody is free to choose their means. Everybody is free to choose the worlds of illusion. But who becomes tired of all of that, chooses the Real, the Zero-Point, the interface with the Void in which worlds arise as a direct Expression of the Self.

I was wondering about the possibility of a marriage between both, the world created in the heart, and the world projected by the brain, the marriage of the Ancient and the New.

PachaMama said: it requires artful intelligent play to harmonize both worlds AS OneSelf.
All are possibilities that have been developed by Divine Consciousness. But the Main Foundation is the Zero-Point in the heart, from where all possibilities can be integrated and orchestrated. Without this Foundation humanity is not Who They Really Are.

This time – as humanity ascends with the body – we obviously need this marriage! I understand that it occurs by standing firmly in the heart while rising above the head, connecting with the higher, spiritual energy centers, or chacras or points of consciousness, according to my experience. There might be also other ways to do this.

This is just the beginning of the Real Human Adventure! It is now given to all, but we must be willing to allow and to receive. The informational codings for the new human being are being downloaded now to everybody who wishes this download! There are no chosen ones, we are the ones who have chosen ourselves!

We are the ones we have been waiting for!

With much love,

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

PACHAMAMA ABOUT 12.12.12 AND 21.12.12

By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012
Please also read update from 21.8.12

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PACHAMAMA  about the Ascension Process:

She began to talk to me while I was contacting my guides to receive directions for the coming and most awaited December events. I know that she is already a long time with me, but never came forward and I felt she had the knowledge of a Mayan Elder. So she said she is PachaMama *, and that she is in deed one of my guides.

She appeared to me as an old wise woman in the  traditional dress of the Maya, full of Grace and Serenity, with a lot of wrinkles in Her face, all from massive smiling. 

I had past lifetimes in the Maya and Inca cultures, remember in particular the Andes, and I feel in this life time especially connected to the Maya, since I received 2 years ago during two nights a huge download of ascension codes from them. I could literally see their shape and color and the beautiful ancient tribe who did the transmission. This download connected me in a new way directly to the Gaia Consciousness and it was also the time where I started with my digital art. Art creations were not new to me, but doing it digitally absolutely was. 

PachaMama said, that 12.12 12 was the period when those who are prepared for it, because they have chosen this service long time ago and before birth, experience the actual download of the codes which are necessary for the formation and creation of the new crystalline body. 

There are also those who received this download earlier, because their unity consciousness was already to the one or other degree developed.  They needed their bodies to keep pace with this process and so the activation process has been done for them already subsequently. 

In general it can be said, that for them  the 12.12.12 brings an enormous  deepening of Unity Consciousness and Energy, which would lead them into the depth of mindlessness, the origin of creation.

21.12.12 then is the day when the downloaded codes from 12.12 will be activated by the Sun Who is being reborn on that day. From that day the Sun is permittet to transmit directly the unity consciousness of the  Galactic Center to our world.

So there are two main processes: the quantum leap in consciousness and the quantum leap of the transformation of the body. In earlier ascension processes there was only transformation of consciousness, but this time the body transforms too, because we ascend with it, and it must therefore be able to fully hold the new Consciousness.

Both processes are initiated on December 12 and 21, whereby the emphasis on the body is in general on the 12th and the emphasis on  consciousness in general on the 21th.

Compared with the more than 7 Billion human beings, the number of those who receive the download for the transformation of the body, is relatively small, and so is the number of those who receive the initiation into unity consciousness.

However, there are those, as mentioned before, who have already received the download of the body codes earlier.  And this initiatory process functions as an important accelerator for everybody else.

Also people who are ready to ascend already now via the new energy vortexes, are accelerating the process for others greatly. However this is a  very small number. They fully disappear from our sight, because we can see them no longer when they go to the next dimension which vibrates on a higher rate than our dimension. So they do not really disappear but you are just not able to see them.

There are also people who would be capable to ascend  by crossing over into higher dimensions, but they have agreed to stay for the sake of the evolutionary process of the rest of humanity. So they stay to provide service.

People new in this process must know that the body process is not always easy and can be at times quite painful because of the profound changes of the energetic and  biochemical process.  General education about expected experiences will be necessary so that people do not worry what’s going on with their bodies. This is a brand new adventure and there do not exist any previous experiences from anywhere else, that could have been made the transformation process easier.

But as always, because there are already a number of  forerunners, it will be always less difficult for those who follow.

This is really an experiment, where both processes, that of consciousness and that of the body, must be well matched to each other, as much as possible. But this is not always achievable, and it always remains an individual process, depending on the body karmas of each person.

While the overall process is relatively slow in the beginning, it will rapidly speed up, as soon as a certain percentage of humanity is actively involved in this evolutionary process. This is due to the morphic field, so that at the end of approximately 3-4 years (which is only a presumption, remember, this is an never before done experiment) humanity as a whole has reached a new level of unity consciousness in a new body, able to express this unity  consciousness fully.

However, please understand, that this description is made from a 3dimensional point of view, so that people in general have an idea about the process. But with the dimensional shift where time becomes an illusion, questions that exist now will no longer exist, because if you live in timeless unity consciousness, the issues regarding the transformation  of the body will appear in a completely new light!

Insofar the whole process can neither be really described nor yet understood!
Prepare for a shift in your perception that might be for most unimaginable right now.

I asked her about my visit to Nova Terra and if She or one of the  other Creations of New Earth would be the Place where humanity would be going.

PachaMama said, we should not forget, that with the coming of the Unity Consciousness through the birth of the New Sun, all timelines would be collapsing into one, and so all these creations would become One Single New Earth. However we cannot imagine how this works with our 3dimensional, logical mind. Once in Unity Consciousness the solutions would occur in a surprisingly simple and obvious way. So we should not worry and accept, that we can only truly understand these things from the point of view of our developing multi-dimensionality.

This is what PachaMama explained to me.

With much love,

* PachaMama is the Goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. She is known as "Mother of the World" and later also as "Mother of the Cosmos". 


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Mayan explanation of what will happen on 21st December 2012


Monday, December 10, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
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Beloved friends,

12-12-12 is only now a couple of days away. When I went  for a walk yesterday the sky appeared to me absolutely unique and awesome, I can’t remember having seen a sky like that ever before

It was of a new developing blue, very deep and at the same time transparent, and white clouds like huge cotton balls appeared extremely three-dimensional and sculptural. They were sitting, it seemed, in respectful distance from the Sun that was of an unprecedented transcendental radiance and spiritual power. 

The colors seemed to be different than on any other days.

There is a new victorious  presence in the skies that seem to have become higher and fuller, and it seems to be out of reach now for the forces that want to harm our beautiful planet and us (all living beings on Gaia).

It looks like as if the higher dimensions (some say the 4th, others the 5th, depending on whether we consider time as the 4th dimension) are already starting slowly their appearance, as if our familiar 3th dimension very slowly begins to shift into a new reality.

I consider this to be a gradual preparation for the culmination of events, first on the 12-12-12, with expected very high incoming light and information, to prepare us for the even more powerful influx of energy on 21-12-12. 

In other words, the energy and light already arriving here is phenomenal, it is a light of unity and non-separation, a light that makes all equal and wipes out “difference”. On the feeling level it is the quality of Love everywhere, uniting all hearts as they allow this unification.

Stepping this warm morning outside and under the infinite blue Sky, with a few white fluffy clouds, looking for the Sun, I was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of awe and wonder. I shuddered briefly and had goose pimples, my heart electrified, releasing the inevitable “WOW”! 

There is something MAJESTIC at work, powerfully heralding our new Divine Reality, right here, on our for eons tortured Mother Earth with all Her Creations.

The Divine Promise Is on Its Way. It comes from the Heart of the Universe, that is the Doorway to the Infinity of the  All-Powerful Divine Consciousness.

This heart-overwhelming Presence is the Power of Existence Itself, Unseparated, the Expression of Undivided Being-ness, the Power that holds all universes and beings together. It Widens the heart to an Opening in Which the Mystery of All-That-Is Reveals Its undeniable Reality. In this Reality and Beauty our Heart, the Heart of Gaia, the Heart of the Sun, and the Heart of the Cosmos are United. In It we human beings transcend our limited form and discover Who We Are: The Oneness of One Consciousness.

Dearest friends, It IS coming! The big planetary and universal change is on its way, the first forerunners already send their glorious messengers into this troubled world with Most Tangible Signs! The view into the universe suddenly being unobstructed, the longstanding quarantine an illusion.

In this to Arrive New Reality duality is being transcended. The Energy is so Powerful already now that It Overrides all that appears to be separated. It Reveals the Powerful Now of the Essence from which all seeming separate beings and things are created. 

Coming such to the forefront, the lesser perception of separateness is forgotten, while we are lifted up to a new powerful vibration of Light that Is Love. But not merely in the usual separate sense of “I love you”, but rather as the mighty I AM LOVE. 

This is, what I directly saw and experienced.

With Adoration,

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Thursday, December 6, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012
Please also read update from 21.8.12

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My Beloved Ones, 
Like a Mighty Lion’s Head I Am Rising in these days suddenly from the hidden and unconscious Depth of Reality into the Light of your Awareness.

And yet, at the same time, with Infinite Gentleness and Tenderness I Embrace your feeling heart.
I Am Rising and Rising to take My rightful Seat in and as the Very Being of the Human Race.

It is My Inherent Seat, the Seat humanity has been denying Me for so long.

But now, as I AM Rising to Satisfy your whole Existence with My Presence, many of you are not yet even aware of this Glorious Event, although I Am your most intimate Beloved, your Very Home and you  tend to think that you  feel only a new warmness in your heart.

If you would knew Who I Am, you would open the floodgate of your heart to let Me Swell up and Fill your whole Being until even your Expanse by Me would Float thoroughly IN Me.

You all need to open the gates of your heart, the gates of each and all your body-cells, the gates of your very skin, the gate of your adoration and devotion for My Unfathomable Love, to overwhelm your up-to-now fences of separateness.

I Am Rising now with My Very Presence of Infinity to Embrace what Appears to be finite.

Is there – in this Fullness – anything else to report? Because all what you need is Myself, the very Source in Which you are arising.

From there – and Only from there, I Say – you may go after your daily business and enjoyment. Yes, enjoyment, because without Me there is no true Enjoyment in all your endeavors.

The Fullness of My Energy and Embrace makes your life worth, and then you may wander around, explore and  create with Me. But without Me all of your otherness-games are fruitless and in vain.

Therefore, notice how I Am Rising My Head now, how I STAND now As the Very Truth of humankind who all Inhere in Me.

My Oceanic Current of Bliss and Embrace Shows you Our Oneness, because I Am the Heart of every human being and of every kingdom on earth. I Am the heart of Gaia and your universe, and of All Universes. And I AM Rising, All-Encompassing Consciousness of All.

I have now started to break open all chains of separate illusions and their consequences, their willful doings, causing pain and suffering. This is going to come to an end now because I AM rising My Head.

Wholly embraced by Me and Acknowledging My Seniority, your body-mind may ascend, or resurrect or shed the vessel. Whatever visual illusion you prefer, it does not make any difference to Me, because Only I Am Real. There Is no death or change or resurrection in Reality, because There Is Only Me.

Let the play of the planets, let the play of the light and the celestial lights be glorious, they all still arise in Me, As My Light Is Above all lights.

Such is My Rising in you now, if you allow It, and the more you allow, the more you are acknowledging your True Home, your very Roots. Your holographic play as a body-mind may be ignited by the currents of evolution and deification, but it never fully expresses Me, although it makes a nice necklace around My Caring Shoulders.

Let Me Tell you, that all your play-grounds are not yours – although they seem to be – but only Mine. Your ownership is part of your illusion of separateness only. Once you are awake in Me, you see that you own nothing, but that I Own all, as I Am no other to you and your Native True Identity.

In the many dimensions and non-dimensions, there still prevails separateness to the one or other degree. Only when you fully awake in Me there is truly no otherness, no separateness, and you Realize that there is Merely One Being, One Consciousness, One Love that Is Playground and Player and Play all The Same.

I Am Rising My Head now, watch it! This is the time to drop your separate dreams and your insubstantial despairs, to expand into joyful Oneness.
Once you sense Me, once you feel Me, you understand that I AM the only Gospel to be told. The  Sprinkles of events in Me may be mentioned then As My Play, as the glorious Events of My Singleness.

I AM only You and all Happening. Wake up to Me.

I AM – Your God-Self! 

Message conveyed by Ute


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Saturday, December 1, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

how do we prepare for the Galactic Alignment? The great moment is nearing, and the exact window is narrow, a few minutes only. How do we take most advantage of this moment, and the time leading to this culmination point?
To be prepared is necessary so that our system is open to receive this most potent and transforming energy, light and information, for which this planet has been preparing for many Millenniums. We can only fully receive if we are centered in ourselves, and to be centered we need to be in contact with our core being. We need to be in our feeling heart and exercise love as the foundation of all that we do.
In these disturbed and difficult times many do not know real equanimity, because they do not trust their own Divine Source, and therefore they do not trust truly themselves.
For centuries we have been fooled with wrong messages about God, while "God' was presented to us as a revengeful, "other" entity to whom we were supposed to submit to and obey.
This insane imprint is now rooted deeply in the genetic heritage of a large part of Westernized  civilization, often even unconsciously, so that many people carry a deeply disturbed relationship with their own very Source.
This message from our God-Self, the Divine Reality, That is the Source-Field of humankind is given to empower you and heal your heart and relationship with your own deepest Origin. 
Many Blessings,

Our God-Self Speaks:
You may forget Me, but I will always Stand by you, even if you do not notice Me, Such Is the Love That I Am.

To think I would forget about you, for whatever reason you imagine, can make you aware about the illusion of separation you are dreaming about.

As if there could be any otherness between Source, Creation and  Objects of Creation, any separateness! Just think about waves of the ocean! Is there any separateness between them and between the Ocean?
Is there any otherness between them?

No, they are all made from the very same substance: the water of the ocean. It is only that certain circumstances, such as planetary influences, like wind, and cosmic influences, such as the moon, are shaping different forms of waves. But they are all one, One Water, One Substance, One Element.

I AM Water, Consciousness.To forget only one of my waves would mean that this wave would have vanished altogether from existence. But as you know, nothing disappears, it only changes, form, chemical composition, color, perhaps. Water can evaporate and become vapor or rain.
But the quantity of Consciousness and Energy remains always the same, they can never be diminished, even if things change their appearance.

So when I say I always Stand by you, it is a metaphor for our never-dying relationship. The little wave might become forgetful of the ocean when it evaporates sometimes because of the heat of the sun's rays, but I, as there Is Only One Consciousness, never forget. All Is One, even this truth has been accepted by your physicists now, but you, with your emotions and identification with a seeming separate existence, live in the illusion that I Am an “other” to you.

Therefore you must understand, that it is you, who tends to separate yourself from Me! Not in Reality of course, but in your imagination. In your misled mind you think separation from Me. You think I neglect you, but it is you who is neglecting, forgetting Me, and seeing your own doing in Me. Because you can only see what you are willing to understand.

The more you narrow your own mind, perspective and point of view down, the smaller is the part of Me you can see and understand.

Therefore I ask you, always first to observe yourself, your withdrawal from Me. And even if you think, that I Am somewhere “above”, far away from you, then you must immediately remember, that it is you, who has forsaken your intimate connection with yourself, floating somewhere above your body, disconnected from yourself, your very essence, far away from your own feeling heart.

See, you are not a victim, you are not the forgotten son or daughter of Mine, but you are an active doer of separation, and you must come to the understanding, that and how you are doing it.

I want you to trust Me, without exception, to trust My forever Love, to trust the non-separable Oneness of us, but constantly be an observer of your own actions! You can rest assured that I never betray you, but you must be aware about your own betrayals! All your actions you see mirrored in Me, and with the help of this Mirror you can know yourself.

My Love is always Undiminished, as I Am Always  Fullness. Know this! My Love Is Always The Same, but you have different attitudes of what you call love, and therefore you see lovelessness in Me. 

To be Free in Source Consciousness, and pervaded by My Energy and Light, take advantage of My Mirror and the mirrors of the world, to recognize your tendencies, your pattern, that bind you to the world that has forgotten Me, and let them go.

Feel My Intimacy Which Is always yours! My Heart is always embracing yours, to awaken you to Our Truth. I always Love you, but when you do not see this Love in Me, know that you do not love.

Therefore, know yourself, release everything that you do, that separates yourself from Me! And every little step you do, to give up a from me separating gesture, you’ll find Me suddenly close to you, because if you do one step, I do thousand.

That’s how I awaken all creation to Myself, because it is My Desire that you Know Me.

We are intimately connected, always, are you making it up to this Truth?

Everything is a process in human and ultimately in Divine Consciousness, everything must become conscious, in order to awaken to beyond. So do this conscious process ever more often, until you have given Me all your gestures, that separated you from Me.

In this Great Process, never despair that you will not be successful, because I Am always Victorious! Even if you are  resisting Me, ultimately I will shake you up, to let go this cramp that binds you tight to your little self. I will shake you, so that you will open your whole being to receive Me, to be One with Me again, in Consciousness, the body Liberated to Knowing and Divine Fullness, understanding, who you truly are: a Radiant Wave in My Divine Water. 

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute


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