Thursday, February 9, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, copyright© 2012
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Dear Ones, I AM Sananda!

To all who read this message, to all who strive to open their hearts and ever more so, to all who desire to participate in the ascension process, I have one single message:
Trust and prepare yourself with the help of the ever growing incoming light and love energy from the Divine Abode.

The Light is pressing down on you and your planet ever more strongly and it is necessary that you work with each new incoming flood very consciously to integrate it into your consciousness and body. Do not let one single event of such incoming frequencies go past you, while you do not deal with it consciously. You will notice the influx in your body, either because you feel a pressure, or you start to feel unwell, without reason, and at the very best, because you feel expanding joy and deepening love while your heart opens and radiant light is filling your body and energy centers.
What ever your experience is: open up your awareness, your receptivity, your mind and body, and let occur and reveal what wants to be known and experienced by you.  

I do not say that you will notice always when a new flood of energies enters your realm, and that you should. But if you do, it is very necessary to follow each process with a conscious mind and feeling. Therefore take some time on those days for yourself, breathe and meditate and connect to the Divine Source in whatever way it is possible for you.

This will very much prepare you for the great event of  alignment of your earth and solar system to the Galactic Center. With this preparation you will be very easily able to pass through this alignment in whatever way it will occur and in whatever way you will experience it. 

Working already now very consciously with the incoming high frequencies, also helps you to become aware of tendencies and patterns you are still holding onto, but which do not belong to the higher dimensions. And you must have released them all before the great moment arrives. If you hold on to them, even now, you will notice pain, physically and/or emotionally, which tells you that you do not allow the incoming current of light to pass through your physical, emotional and spiritual body, as your tendencies have piled up as blockages in your energy-system.

Your desire to let them go, is important, because this attracts Divine Helpers, such as Myself to help you as kind of midwifes in your awakening process. Trust our help because we are able, if not in your waking state, but surely when you sleep, to wash away these blockages with Divine Light. In these times legions of light are there to support your process of purification, because it is purification of the human race, what it is about, to emerge as the Light Being you essentially are.

Your part is enough sleep, clean food and water (if possible), daily exercise. If you have no access to pure food and water, bless it before intake with the love of your heart and ask the Divine Legions to help to purify it, to soak it with Light. Breathe in Light with every inhalation and breathe out love with every exhalation. This helps also the high energy currents to easier enter your body and to dissolve energy blockages.

You will notice that this process becomes easier every day for you, and that it will become a daily routine that way - to prepare you for the great moment when your world will shift into a new position, density and consciousness.

Rest assured that you all are guided (so you allow) and blessed to slide through this great process with ease and joy, inspite of sometimes arising difficulties.

There is this undivided field of love already expanding in your spheres, that will be your greatest protection and support if you participate in it. All of you can do this by intent and prayer.

Certainly My presence of Love is always with you, for you to recognize who you are.

I AM Sananda at the threshold of the Galactic Center

Message conveyed by Ute
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Monday, February 6, 2012

ART VIDEO: THE JOY OF BEING - a Dance in Eternity

Dear friends,
please enjoy my new Art Video. It expresses not only where we need to be,  and where we WILL be together in the New World, but also where we can be right now if we allow to be our own true Essence.  It relates to the Message from the Andromeda Galaxy: Your Essence is Joy.

Be happy and inspired!
Much love and blessings,
Please watch in HD quality!

Video with image art by Ute Posegga-Rudel


Sunday, February 5, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2012
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We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all Souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.  

Dearest ones,

We speak to those who were counting on being part of the “Voyage to the Stars” adventure. But we also embrace those who were merely observing, but participating with their heart and emotion as part of a to be  adventure in the collective consciousness of starseeds, lightworkers and all those who are on your earth to help with the ascension process.

We are with you and understand how testing it must be for all of you, to be so shaken by the yes-es and no’s (because of certain reasons), from your galactic friends, who have invited you to visit their star ship.

We know exactly how difficult it is for you, to open yourself up for an unprecedented adventure which would have asked of you to let go much of your familiar world and dare to enter new realities, knowing you would not be the same on return. And how demanding it would be for you to return and remain further in your old world. It is like dying, there is no doubt about it.

Now that you have stretched yourself beyond your familiar pattern and this new space has not been filled with new information and expected experience, it leaves you empty and doubtful, while you lost your usual point of self-identity. As you have been reaching out for a new identity, leaving behind the old one, many of you are now in a space of no-man’s-land, which is very difficult to bear. You wanted to jump forward, willing to die to your old self, but now you do not know how to find your new identity as the old one has died, indeed.

Dear ones, know, as difficult this might be, this is exactly a most fertile situation where your deeper truth can be born to build the new and purified foundation for your true and deeper Self to emerge.This, your true Self, is not dependent on any activity or identification with a “place” or even dimension.

But still, - while this adventure which did not turn out to be the way you hoped for, was able to shake so profoundly the self-identity with all your reference points of familiarity of so many of you, - you now try to go back to your old identity. But again, once you left intentionally your identity behind, you never will be able to resume that one.

So now, you are in a kind of a new “Bardo”. And this is exactly the state you start, and perhaps for the first time seriously, to ask yourself, Who you Are, do you not! Are you merely an earth-based being, a galactic or multidimensional being or are you more than that? You want to find That One desperately to occupy your grounds again, to go on with your life. 

And understand, that you are now exactly at the point of greatest creativity, where EVERYTHING can happen to you in the most auspicious way, as you can allow the True You to come in and take seat, That One which is Greater than the  you  which you left behind, and which is also greater than the one you aspired by traveling the space.

You can only leave behind an identity which is not true. And your new hoped for identity, the one who would visit the stars, is not  your true identity either! Neither of them really is or would ever be.

So do not be sorry about a perhaps lost opportunity, although this opportunity may be arising for some of you shortly indeed, but welcome the chance to let your true Self emerge, your true and only place to be in the illusions of appearances. Whether they are familiar or unfamiliar, planetary or galactic.

That much puzzled by a situation you never can sort out to the last detail, you will find that it is useless to exercise your mind, but rather choose to retreat and own your own heart of being, leaving the situation you cannot fully understand, behind.

You must know that you need to rest in your true identity, to leave your planet and visit the stars and your star family, so that you do not hurt yourself.  Even ascension requires of you this step, so that you ascend as a being that is grounded in your own Truth, independent from what is occurring outside and independent from any change of place and dimension, and even that of your physical body.

Yes, you can say, it is Love, which is your true place to be. But what is Love? You humans have so many interpretations of it in your world, and mostly you have greatly limited the true meaning and impact and presence of the Love-energy.

Love is not to be nice. But may include it. You can be nice, but it might not be Love. You might be angry, and it could be a sign of love. You could be even very angry, and it could be the greatest sign of Love. It is not the emotion you show which characterizes Love. It is the Being-ness you are, the One Who Cares, the openness and non-contraction all over your being, gross, subtle and causal, the openness to All-That-Is, that is the highest sign of Love. It is the non-reaction to things which arise. It is the resting in the Being-ness of All-That-Is which is True Love, beyond separation and division.

In this state you are truly free, otherwise you will be always like a dry leaf in the winds of change, taking on their colors, forgetful of your own.

This Love is the only steadiness in the cycles of change, loss, disappearance and the appearance of new things, situations and worlds.

So call your true identity Love, if you understand Love’s original sign.
Otherwise call it the I AM, the Presence, the Stillness, the Eye in the hurricane, your Being-ness which persists in the  carrousel of life. Find that One, dearest ones, as it is given to you at this very moment, and in every moment, and be grateful for the gift of this lesson. 

If you stop seeking, dearest ones, in places where you cannot find yourself, if you accept the worlds to disappear for a moment to be drawn into your own very Source, It will reveal Itself.

This is how you prepare for ascension, to allow yourself to fall into YOUR-Self alone,  and let it be your center, your motivator, your treasure never again to be lost, because it is yours forever, has always been.

We leave you with this and know that we are transmitting the golden light of healing to your souls, to relax to find that point of entry into the Eternity of your True Being.

With Blessings and Showers of Love.
We are the Beings of Light of the Andromeda Galaxy!

Message conveyed by Ute

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Friday, February 3, 2012


Dear Ones,
I AM AA Michael,

Today everybody watches Steve Beckow and "the voyage to the stars" he is organizing which is supposed to commence on Saturday this week. Link
Well, there are many options still open, and it has to be seen whether they will happen or not.

It all depends not on us who have proposed our meeting and invited you, but it depends entirely on you all who are participating in what ever way you have your attention on this event. 

Everybody is adding with their thought and emotional energy to it, and also with their energy of physical action.

All of this creates a new pattern and depending on this pattern as a whole, we will carry out this project or not.

It is not Steve alone who is responsible, this is a thoroughly wrong perception he has, because everything is, as all happenings are on your world (and in other worlds), always a group process. Everybody involved therefore is responsible for the outcome. Whether they participate directly or they are observing from far. Whatever they think and whatever energy they produce, it all adds to the overall outcome. You ARE and act as one humanity, whether you are aware of it or not,  and there is in reality no separation. In so far, everybody is responsible for the result.

So you will understand that we do not look at you as single individuals, we look at you as a combined force of energies which are patterned as thoughts, emotions, actions and which include all your energy bodies.

What we have initiated by our invitation serves several purposes:

One, to set actively in motion a new pattern regarding humanity’s involvement with us, your space family. This pattern is the womb of which a new constellation of our interconnectedness can be born, a new understanding how in reality things evolve and that there are always many different parts involved who all must fit together so that tangible results can be achieved.

The second purpose is to make more people aware of our presence and how natural our friendship and mutual meeting would be. It is like visiting your human family from another country, only that we are off your planet. You will soon get fully used to it. In reality nothing is new and most of you will quickly remember your past natural exchanges with your space family.

The third purpose is to actually change and awaken certain dormant codes of your galactic consciousness. By inviting you on our ships, these codes of the visiting group will be triggered and activated, which in turn will awaken also successively these codes in your human family altogether. In your past humanity always has been interacting with your space family. And this memory is still stored in your cells. This memory will be awakened again.

There is another purpose in addition to the other ones: we are eager to directly communicate with you, because this communication will set in motion, as you are residents and physical offsprings of your Mother Earth, a further opening of Gaia’s atmosphere to cosmic influence which will have an important influence on Her’s and your imminent ascension process.

By directly communicating with us, not only your own Galactic heritage will be strengthened and reactivated, but - as a chain reaction - also earth’s still asleep star seeds will awaken. This is a process which will free Gaia further from her galactic isolation as a planetary body and connect her directly to universal energy points, which in turn empowers her and your ascension process.

You see, you are all inherently connected not only to your human family and to your planet, but of course also to your surrounding universe. And our meeting will initiate and reinstate the actual inherent connectedness between earth and the galaxy.

Nothing is separate, but most of you are used to consider not only your human brothers and sisters as separate beings, but also your own planet, and therefore also all your space brothers and sisters and other planets and universes.

In truth we are all created from one single source field, in which we are one and single, and this singleness of the totality of creation, is felt in the heart which we all share.

We come in love, and this invitation is an invitation of love, and the uniting of what has been seemingly separate for so long.

Our invitation stands, but it is up to you whether you who are participating in thought, emotion and action are able to transcend the idea of separation and fear. Whether you, as a group consciousness, bear the clarity and determination of unity and love in which we desire to unite.

And this exactly is the main purpose of our meeting. This uniting force which we must all share in our hearts so that we can stand face to face.

I greet you with love and respect!

I AM AA Michael

Message conveyed by Ute
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Friday, January 27, 2012

My Personal Update: The Humming Sound of Transformation

Dear friends and readers of my blog,

no, my computer is not yet at the stage he should. I can just use Word and the internet. That’s enough though, to publish this, as I believe, it can inspire and provides a platform for possible confirmation and verification from your own experience.

I woke up this morning with the thought/insight that we are the window to the totality of all possibilities on all vibrational levels, dimensions and realities and beyond: to the Source of it all.

Therefore nothing (NOTHING!) from “outside” can “fulfill us” – we are all of it ourselves (as unlimited consciousness). It is all happening “inside” of ourselves, in our heart of creation.

Sometimes we project parts of this creation “outwardly”, so that there seem to be two,and that there seems to be separation from that “outwardly” projected situation/individual/thing – just so that we can start to play in duality.

Yes, I don’t only think this scenario, I feel and “see” it with my inner eye.

We Are this consciousness in totality in which and as which all of this happens.
... ...

Later I became again strongly aware of this humming sound, a very intense and dense vibration. My whole body is surrounded by it and resonates with it.

I started intensively to observe, while still trying to make some notes. I felt it was necessary to remember the details and to share them with you for your verification and inspiration.
I publish them here exactly as I have written them down.
They are keywords describing the process in the order as they occurred to me either via information received or observations and insights:


-        Thick and liquid. Above the head
-        I say: go ahead, enter!
-        Brings Love …. Love …. Love
-        What else?
-        Awakens dormant (junk) DNA
-        Love
-        Revokes false information, all that which is not of Divine order
-        Affects primarily the pineal gland and the Sacred Heart, the Inner Heart
-        Works on the unification of heart and head (pineal gland)as one center of consciousness
-        Slowly moves down from above into the head, thick like honey, but with a tickling feeling
-        Drops that  fall down into the heart ignite joy of a pristine purity
-        The foot-chacras are radiating, emanating strong energy currents. Alternating right and left. Hot.
-        This liquid carries information. The information of change.
-        It informs the physical and psychophysical pattern to change in order to recognize and acknowledge our galactic heritage and participation.
-        It transforms the body and implements its new crystalline structure. It feels like it creates the new more transparent body.
-        It is a new substance on earth which not only transforms our being, but which is given to be added to it, to stay with it, like we are having now a new ingredient. Something, that was missing before. 
-        It rewires the brain. I feel as if the brain is worked on to be restructured with new information.
-        Major work in the brain.
-        Slow moving thick energies.
-        Human being is being prepared to become a Galactic being.
-        Wow! Feels quite joyful.
-        It is happening! Right now!
-        Old crusts are being stripped away
-        The humanity that once has been, the one of the last 13 Millenniums and more, is being re-constituted!
-        The physical process is also a process in consciousness because it is a light-process.
-        “They” are changing just our whole human system. Transparency, we are becoming transparent, connected through light with one another.
-        It feels like everything “outside” is also “inside” me, there is transparency and no differences.This seems to be the sign of the new human template: a being of light in a body!
-        No, we don’t need to get out of the body to ascend. We just get it transformed so that it becomes a vehicle of Divine Purpose.
-        The illusion of the dark encapsulation as separate beings is being removed – even on the physical level.
-        We are becoming a completely new edition.
-        This stuff does it.
-        We are being infiltrated by a new “material” that does the work.
-        It adds a new vibration to our system (of course a higher one)
-        This humming sound is this new vibration which is incorporating in us
-        So, as we are vibrating differently and higher, also our “dimension” must follow - to vibrate differently and higher
-        This is very exciting
-        As it moves further down into the body, it feels like things inside are being re-arranged. Almost like one works with a hay fork in a haystack.
-        It is a full re-configuration.
-        At least the beginning of it.
-        The quality of this substance is surely a crystalline one, and it works on the nervous system and energy-nodes.
-        They start to radiate. When I look inside, it looks like blinking little electrical lights on a Christmas tree.
-        Cleaning up, that’s what it does, and installing new programs.
-        Exactly as with my broken computer. Hard drive and operating system has been replaced. Now I can install new software. I was thinking earlier, whether my computer was just a mirror, there is no coincidence.
-        Although in my case, I have not been completely dysfunctional as my computer was :)
-        My computer just couldn’t put up with what was transmitted through me(of course he is an ancient old one too)
-        It was just too much, he said, broke down and hoping for being given a new life! 
-        Now does the new system in our case install itself?
-        I am sure, it does. It is just a matter of allowance. The more we allow consciously, the quicker the process.
-        And the more of us allow the quicker the process for humanity.
-        Even if you are not aware of it, it works anyway.
-        I am just here to give testimony, so that you might consciously invoke the process and so that you might become aware of it too.

End of notes.

Honestly, I am excited and I hope you too. This is how it happens, the ascension, that is how we are changed. It is just a matter of vibration, light and information. Very secretly and not as a loud and spectacular event. Or  while we are creating "portals".

But perhaps that’s just me, but I don’t think so.
I am looking forward to your responses, my friends!

Much love and blessings!

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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2012
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We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all Souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.  

Dearest ones,

We are so pleased with the growing evolution of consciousness and heart-opening of your human civilization!
With great joy we are observing so many of you, and daily increasing, who are opening up to the awakening power of Divine Consciousness at the core of humanity which is is the United Human Heart of the human race.

Today we are here to bring the message of Joy, the Remembrance of Joy, the energy and consciousness of Joy in your very essence of being, which is an aspect of the Eternal God, of All-That-Is. There is no true experience of the Divine without Joy, without the involvement of feeling, because Joy can only be felt and is a superior vibration of your awareness of your core being.

Joy can only be felt when your heart opens, when you allow to let go all limitations of ideas and mental constructions.

When you let go of controlling yourself, when you surrender your separate identity into the overwhelming vibration of Joy, then Source Energy and Light can arise, can set be free, to replace as vibrant and ecstatic Presence that one, which you usually call “me”, but which is merely an idea of yourself. A persona, a limited identity, a role-player in your society, a tendency-bearer, a thinking mechanism, somebody who judges and experiences the coming and going of body-mind based pleasure and pain.

The Joy we are talking about is bursting open the totality of all these narrow self-identifications, and sets you free to experience unlimited light and energy, without shape and form, content or concept. It provokes an explosion of creation before things arise, but it is also the substance to create in the Infinite Mind of God.

It is this Eternal Joy which we are showering upon you all, emanating directly from our collective heart which is inherently participating in the Heart of God.

You will be aware of this Joy when you are willing to open your heart, because this Joy is your own deep Essence. And we can only awaken this your own Essence, as we are all participating equally and naturally in this ever existing Presence of Joy. Because there is only One God.

Did you ever consider about this truth? Did you ever consider that you are born of Joy, and that all creation is inherently founded in Joy?

When you turn to the Essence of All-That-Is, you will discover that this is so, and always has been.However it was the focus of your attention on limitation and holding on to your separate identity and all its confined experiences, that you forgot.

Joy is the foundation of your Divine Identity and of your new world which cannot be created by other means than that of Joy.

But it is your choice where you want to turn, what you want to see in the first place: your old world with  limited, restricted and mediocre experiences of ordinary pleasure and pain, or a radiant world of Divinely expanded feeling awareness, which is only Joy, and call it Love, and call it Sublimity and call it Fullness and Beauty.

Ask yourself where you want to focus on! Even in the midst of 3dimensional suffering there is this Joy, always, always, if you change your focus, if you allow your heart to open. This Joy always exists, it is Eternal and you are ALWAYS free to participate in It.

Tear your heart open, dear ones, now is the time! Walk tall, take back the Divinity you always have been. Bending down, compressing your space of chest and holding your breath, to avoid the Joy you are, is over. Too much Joy is already entering the spheres of your world, participate in It. And share this Joy with your Mother Earth! Be One with her in this Joy and be One in this joy with your human family and all wight  and creations.

Dance, humanity, dance and shake off the chains of lies and the illusions of the past.

We are here to remind you of this!

Our Joy is expanding and filling your whole universe.

We are the Beings of Light of the Andromeda Galaxy

Message conveyed by Ute 

See also my related Art Video: THE JOY OF BEING - A Dance in Eternity

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2012
We are the Arcturians!

We take your experience not to be able to convey messages as usual because of computer problems as an example.

Dear one, writing messages will not be forever part of your service to humanity, as the energies will change.

There will be a time when all your computers and your internet on your world will not work properly because of the interference of the incoming new frequencies on your world. Although you will probably feel at first uneasy with it – what perhaps also others might feel when they are no longer nurtured and informed by messages, such as yours and of  the many other channels – be assured though that this interference serves a greater purpose.

Dear ones, this will be the time when each one of you will have no other choice than deepen your relationship with your own deeper heart to be guided and informed by it, and also to step out from your place of retreat from your old nonfunctional world, because this is the beginning of the new world to join your brothers and sisters, your human family more directly and more united than ever before.

Soon there will be a time when you all experience direct communication from your heart with the hearts of everybody. And this will be for each of you of great joy and pleasure, as you start to recognize one another from the heart of unity and inherent love.

You will no longer connect with each other from a separate, distant and superficial part of yourself, but you will connect with the Center of your Being, all seeming separation and isolation transcended and healed with the inherent Knowing and Realization in your heart – not just the vision and the mental concept and intuition of it – that you are all one.

The conscious field of this Oneness is the Zeropoint Field of your Inner Heart which is greater than all ideas and mental processes, and which is associated with your True Self and the True Self of All.

The disabling of electronic devices for a time will serve the initiation of humanity to discover this unity in their hearts with one another, so that whatever intention your controllers had, to enhance your separation from each other, can be clearly dropped and just disappears.

At that time most of  your channels will have most likely fulfilled their service of providing the human family with information from the Higher Realms, from Souls of the Christed Light who helped to awaken them and to remember their own Christed Center of their very Being.

And it is in this Oneness which you all realize with one another, that you will enter the great shift of the dimensions, which you are all so much longing for.

The direct and lively interaction from the heart, which will occur because you will experience some disappearance of many of your usual constituents of your world, will serve the very last one of you. Because as you all will come closer together -- while the means of separation, intentionally implemented into your society by your controllers, are falling apart -- all hearts will be ignited.

Therefore, although your usual world is partly and somehow not available to you, you all will notice and experience a greater power and fullness of your being, as you unite to cooperate and come together  more closely. And by this time all animosities, fights of competition and fear will have been taken away from your auric field and from that of your Mother Earth. And this is also contributing greatly to your joyful unification with your brothers and sisters.

Dear ones, you are indeed approaching a glorious time ahead. Do not fear the loss of things and ways of living, but welcome the New Field of Unity, in which all hearts, including that of Mother Earth, are participating.
Humanity will awaken to the Power of True Love, which is not just a personal feeling, but which is the Power which unites and keeps together all beings,worlds and universes.

It is this Power which transforms your world and your consciousness. 

This is the Shift into the higher dimensions.

Be well!
We are the Arcturians!

Conveyed by Ute 
Australia, 23.January 2012

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