Friday, February 3, 2012


Dear Ones,
I AM AA Michael,

Today everybody watches Steve Beckow and "the voyage to the stars" he is organizing which is supposed to commence on Saturday this week. Link
Well, there are many options still open, and it has to be seen whether they will happen or not.

It all depends not on us who have proposed our meeting and invited you, but it depends entirely on you all who are participating in what ever way you have your attention on this event. 

Everybody is adding with their thought and emotional energy to it, and also with their energy of physical action.

All of this creates a new pattern and depending on this pattern as a whole, we will carry out this project or not.

It is not Steve alone who is responsible, this is a thoroughly wrong perception he has, because everything is, as all happenings are on your world (and in other worlds), always a group process. Everybody involved therefore is responsible for the outcome. Whether they participate directly or they are observing from far. Whatever they think and whatever energy they produce, it all adds to the overall outcome. You ARE and act as one humanity, whether you are aware of it or not,  and there is in reality no separation. In so far, everybody is responsible for the result.

So you will understand that we do not look at you as single individuals, we look at you as a combined force of energies which are patterned as thoughts, emotions, actions and which include all your energy bodies.

What we have initiated by our invitation serves several purposes:

One, to set actively in motion a new pattern regarding humanity’s involvement with us, your space family. This pattern is the womb of which a new constellation of our interconnectedness can be born, a new understanding how in reality things evolve and that there are always many different parts involved who all must fit together so that tangible results can be achieved.

The second purpose is to make more people aware of our presence and how natural our friendship and mutual meeting would be. It is like visiting your human family from another country, only that we are off your planet. You will soon get fully used to it. In reality nothing is new and most of you will quickly remember your past natural exchanges with your space family.

The third purpose is to actually change and awaken certain dormant codes of your galactic consciousness. By inviting you on our ships, these codes of the visiting group will be triggered and activated, which in turn will awaken also successively these codes in your human family altogether. In your past humanity always has been interacting with your space family. And this memory is still stored in your cells. This memory will be awakened again.

There is another purpose in addition to the other ones: we are eager to directly communicate with you, because this communication will set in motion, as you are residents and physical offsprings of your Mother Earth, a further opening of Gaia’s atmosphere to cosmic influence which will have an important influence on Her’s and your imminent ascension process.

By directly communicating with us, not only your own Galactic heritage will be strengthened and reactivated, but - as a chain reaction - also earth’s still asleep star seeds will awaken. This is a process which will free Gaia further from her galactic isolation as a planetary body and connect her directly to universal energy points, which in turn empowers her and your ascension process.

You see, you are all inherently connected not only to your human family and to your planet, but of course also to your surrounding universe. And our meeting will initiate and reinstate the actual inherent connectedness between earth and the galaxy.

Nothing is separate, but most of you are used to consider not only your human brothers and sisters as separate beings, but also your own planet, and therefore also all your space brothers and sisters and other planets and universes.

In truth we are all created from one single source field, in which we are one and single, and this singleness of the totality of creation, is felt in the heart which we all share.

We come in love, and this invitation is an invitation of love, and the uniting of what has been seemingly separate for so long.

Our invitation stands, but it is up to you whether you who are participating in thought, emotion and action are able to transcend the idea of separation and fear. Whether you, as a group consciousness, bear the clarity and determination of unity and love in which we desire to unite.

And this exactly is the main purpose of our meeting. This uniting force which we must all share in our hearts so that we can stand face to face.

I greet you with love and respect!

I AM AA Michael

Message conveyed by Ute
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april said...

Dear Ute,I am so glad you post this because I know it is from Archangel Micheal.I always know that they have seen us as ONE not as individuals.There are so many false messages out there that it is so hard to believe who is telling the truth or whom they are channeling.And that's why I stay away from it, and to be myself most of the time.But unfortunately many of the lightworkers are still searching in wrong places.But I do know that we are moving as collectively one way another.I don't believe anyone will be left behind.But you might be disagree with me..How can we say WE ARE ONE and leave others behind because of judgement in their action in present or past?Are we not play the different roles life after life to gain knowledge and wisdom?

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Dear April, this is a good question and looks like a paradox.

In my understanding it is all a matter of how you look at it.
To me Oneness is not physical and based on form, but it is a matter of feeling-awareness and higher Consciousness, a Consciousness that is not brain-based. This Consciousness is the bearer of all worlds, dimensions and beings which are all creations of mind.

We cannot understand this with the conceptual mind who thinks in opposites, like going forward or being left behind. In addition, it’s all our own choice where we want to exist, in which density we want to make experiences.

Our Oneness does not exist as mind. It is prior to it. And in my understanding we are experiencing life after life, not to accumulate "knowledge" like objects (although as long as we are tightly bound to the illusion of duality we tend to believe this), but to become the "Knowing" Itself and to recognize all creations and all dimensions (including our 3D world) as the Transparent Heart of God.

I don't know whether this makes sense to you, it is not the typical "New Age" viewing of things. But to me it bears a lot of happiness!!!