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Dear Ones, I AM Sananda!

To all who read this message, to all who strive to open their hearts and ever more so, to all who desire to participate in the ascension process, I have one single message:
Trust and prepare yourself with the help of the ever growing incoming light and love energy from the Divine Abode.

The Light is pressing down on you and your planet ever more strongly and it is necessary that you work with each new incoming flood very consciously to integrate it into your consciousness and body. Do not let one single event of such incoming frequencies go past you, while you do not deal with it consciously. You will notice the influx in your body, either because you feel a pressure, or you start to feel unwell, without reason, and at the very best, because you feel expanding joy and deepening love while your heart opens and radiant light is filling your body and energy centers.
What ever your experience is: open up your awareness, your receptivity, your mind and body, and let occur and reveal what wants to be known and experienced by you.  

I do not say that you will notice always when a new flood of energies enters your realm, and that you should. But if you do, it is very necessary to follow each process with a conscious mind and feeling. Therefore take some time on those days for yourself, breathe and meditate and connect to the Divine Source in whatever way it is possible for you.

This will very much prepare you for the great event of  alignment of your earth and solar system to the Galactic Center. With this preparation you will be very easily able to pass through this alignment in whatever way it will occur and in whatever way you will experience it. 

Working already now very consciously with the incoming high frequencies, also helps you to become aware of tendencies and patterns you are still holding onto, but which do not belong to the higher dimensions. And you must have released them all before the great moment arrives. If you hold on to them, even now, you will notice pain, physically and/or emotionally, which tells you that you do not allow the incoming current of light to pass through your physical, emotional and spiritual body, as your tendencies have piled up as blockages in your energy-system.

Your desire to let them go, is important, because this attracts Divine Helpers, such as Myself to help you as kind of midwifes in your awakening process. Trust our help because we are able, if not in your waking state, but surely when you sleep, to wash away these blockages with Divine Light. In these times legions of light are there to support your process of purification, because it is purification of the human race, what it is about, to emerge as the Light Being you essentially are.

Your part is enough sleep, clean food and water (if possible), daily exercise. If you have no access to pure food and water, bless it before intake with the love of your heart and ask the Divine Legions to help to purify it, to soak it with Light. Breathe in Light with every inhalation and breathe out love with every exhalation. This helps also the high energy currents to easier enter your body and to dissolve energy blockages.

You will notice that this process becomes easier every day for you, and that it will become a daily routine that way - to prepare you for the great moment when your world will shift into a new position, density and consciousness.

Rest assured that you all are guided (so you allow) and blessed to slide through this great process with ease and joy, inspite of sometimes arising difficulties.

There is this undivided field of love already expanding in your spheres, that will be your greatest protection and support if you participate in it. All of you can do this by intent and prayer.

Certainly My presence of Love is always with you, for you to recognize who you are.

I AM Sananda at the threshold of the Galactic Center

Message conveyed by Ute
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