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We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all Souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.  

Dearest ones,

We speak to those who were counting on being part of the “Voyage to the Stars” adventure. But we also embrace those who were merely observing, but participating with their heart and emotion as part of a to be  adventure in the collective consciousness of starseeds, lightworkers and all those who are on your earth to help with the ascension process.

We are with you and understand how testing it must be for all of you, to be so shaken by the yes-es and no’s (because of certain reasons), from your galactic friends, who have invited you to visit their star ship.

We know exactly how difficult it is for you, to open yourself up for an unprecedented adventure which would have asked of you to let go much of your familiar world and dare to enter new realities, knowing you would not be the same on return. And how demanding it would be for you to return and remain further in your old world. It is like dying, there is no doubt about it.

Now that you have stretched yourself beyond your familiar pattern and this new space has not been filled with new information and expected experience, it leaves you empty and doubtful, while you lost your usual point of self-identity. As you have been reaching out for a new identity, leaving behind the old one, many of you are now in a space of no-man’s-land, which is very difficult to bear. You wanted to jump forward, willing to die to your old self, but now you do not know how to find your new identity as the old one has died, indeed.

Dear ones, know, as difficult this might be, this is exactly a most fertile situation where your deeper truth can be born to build the new and purified foundation for your true and deeper Self to emerge.This, your true Self, is not dependent on any activity or identification with a “place” or even dimension.

But still, - while this adventure which did not turn out to be the way you hoped for, was able to shake so profoundly the self-identity with all your reference points of familiarity of so many of you, - you now try to go back to your old identity. But again, once you left intentionally your identity behind, you never will be able to resume that one.

So now, you are in a kind of a new “Bardo”. And this is exactly the state you start, and perhaps for the first time seriously, to ask yourself, Who you Are, do you not! Are you merely an earth-based being, a galactic or multidimensional being or are you more than that? You want to find That One desperately to occupy your grounds again, to go on with your life. 

And understand, that you are now exactly at the point of greatest creativity, where EVERYTHING can happen to you in the most auspicious way, as you can allow the True You to come in and take seat, That One which is Greater than the  you  which you left behind, and which is also greater than the one you aspired by traveling the space.

You can only leave behind an identity which is not true. And your new hoped for identity, the one who would visit the stars, is not  your true identity either! Neither of them really is or would ever be.

So do not be sorry about a perhaps lost opportunity, although this opportunity may be arising for some of you shortly indeed, but welcome the chance to let your true Self emerge, your true and only place to be in the illusions of appearances. Whether they are familiar or unfamiliar, planetary or galactic.

That much puzzled by a situation you never can sort out to the last detail, you will find that it is useless to exercise your mind, but rather choose to retreat and own your own heart of being, leaving the situation you cannot fully understand, behind.

You must know that you need to rest in your true identity, to leave your planet and visit the stars and your star family, so that you do not hurt yourself.  Even ascension requires of you this step, so that you ascend as a being that is grounded in your own Truth, independent from what is occurring outside and independent from any change of place and dimension, and even that of your physical body.

Yes, you can say, it is Love, which is your true place to be. But what is Love? You humans have so many interpretations of it in your world, and mostly you have greatly limited the true meaning and impact and presence of the Love-energy.

Love is not to be nice. But may include it. You can be nice, but it might not be Love. You might be angry, and it could be a sign of love. You could be even very angry, and it could be the greatest sign of Love. It is not the emotion you show which characterizes Love. It is the Being-ness you are, the One Who Cares, the openness and non-contraction all over your being, gross, subtle and causal, the openness to All-That-Is, that is the highest sign of Love. It is the non-reaction to things which arise. It is the resting in the Being-ness of All-That-Is which is True Love, beyond separation and division.

In this state you are truly free, otherwise you will be always like a dry leaf in the winds of change, taking on their colors, forgetful of your own.

This Love is the only steadiness in the cycles of change, loss, disappearance and the appearance of new things, situations and worlds.

So call your true identity Love, if you understand Love’s original sign.
Otherwise call it the I AM, the Presence, the Stillness, the Eye in the hurricane, your Being-ness which persists in the  carrousel of life. Find that One, dearest ones, as it is given to you at this very moment, and in every moment, and be grateful for the gift of this lesson. 

If you stop seeking, dearest ones, in places where you cannot find yourself, if you accept the worlds to disappear for a moment to be drawn into your own very Source, It will reveal Itself.

This is how you prepare for ascension, to allow yourself to fall into YOUR-Self alone,  and let it be your center, your motivator, your treasure never again to be lost, because it is yours forever, has always been.

We leave you with this and know that we are transmitting the golden light of healing to your souls, to relax to find that point of entry into the Eternity of your True Being.

With Blessings and Showers of Love.
We are the Beings of Light of the Andromeda Galaxy!

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
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Will I am said...

It is Heart warming to find a post like this from
"out there" that is so supportive of BEing down here. We signed on to find and bring "Heaven on Earth" here to Earth. It seems the work of breaking free from the illusions that reduce the glory of that endeavor does not contain enough excitement and gratification for many Lightholders. Now many want to leave before the job is complete.Seems its too hard to hold the light. This message helps refocus and support staying the course nicely and is much appreciated. Works much better for me than holding out for "yes' BUT it will happen,like maybe tomorrow or next Saturday or..."
Thanks Ute. Will I am