Tuesday, January 17, 2012


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Dear Ones, we are the Arcturians! 

Today we come to you to inform you that in reality your old world does no longer exist.

What you see, is the shadow of it while you are still dreaming in your old world, so that it seems, that this world continues. 

We, from the higher dimensions, can see clearly from our greater point of view that this is indeed so. As you are tucked with your vision still in a 3D density, your brain is still wired to continue your view in the old ways just because it is used to it. 

If you all only could see, what we see! But you all will see it - and the sooner the better - when you are changing your point of view, when you start living in your heart, when you start to allow the new energies which are the substance for the creation of your new world, to enter you, to change your carbon based body into a crystalline one, and when you allow all your cells to be transmuted, and so your brain waves and the glands in your head, and everything that  comes with it. 

You, who are here to allow this transformation to occur, are already in the midst of this change. Although you still might be not aware of it, and although you might still hang on to the old view and perception of your world in its 3dimensional appearance. 

We tell you this, so that you become aware what is already happening, and so that you change your disposition to open up your vision, to ready yourself to receive the gifts of light and higher consciousness from heaven, and to allow to be changed by it. 

To exercise Love, to open your heart, is certainly a way to prepare, dearest ones. What you have forgotten so long, now returns: your capacity to see your world from your heart and embrace all beings and things with your heart. This is so because it is your heart which is taking over your life, but for this to happen you must be explicitely and willingly  invite this change and your transformation. 

This might mean for many of you to let go parts of yourself and your world, it also could mean to let go some of your friends and your usual way of living. Naturally so, as with your agreement your vibration changes, and parts of your old world will not match your new vibrations so that they start to disappear. 

But do not be concerned! What you are leaving behind, is only what does no longer serve you, and what your deeper self wants you to let go. It is only your limited identity which desires to hold on to what no longer is in synchronicity with you. 

Dearest ones, you should know that you are protected in this process of your transformation, and that you are guided by your many invisible friends of the christed light, who are assisting you when you ask for it. But asking is necessary, you must know,  as they do not intrude upon you. 

When you have gone through most of your transformation, you will start to acknowledge that all what happened, and even the seemingly most difficult experiences, has been for your own best and highest good, as you awaken to a new and radiant and much more fulfilling presence of yourself, one that radiates as love and as light in a consciousness that reflects your Higher Self. What you “gain” will be unlimited joy, in which  all doubts and all your suffering and fears have vanished. 

We encourage you to trust in the process of your transformation and to consciously say “yes” to this process, because if you do your path will be much smoother and happier, with no hindrances of your opposing ego in the currents of change, which are sweeping your earth now. 

This agreement, this being in congruence with the streams of new conscious energies of love and of light, carry you quickly to your new destination of your greater Self and into the  higher dimensions of your new world. 

Remember, that you are not alone, you are taken care of and supported in your process by the forces of light and therefore you will not fail. 

We love and bless you! 
We are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute 
Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012 http://radiantlyhappy.blogspot.com
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Warwick Meta Tronic said...

Namaste Ute, gratitude & blessings! Keep up the good Lightwork.
Ekta Cresos, Warwick

sangrenegrv said...

I have trusted in my transformation, and now I am experiencing new sensations, including lucid dreams, and now I feel a happiness never felt before, many thanks for yours messages

Anonymous said...

My dear Ute - namaste, Niranjan here!

I have been away in last 10-15 days, in "wild mountain nature" of Bosnia, without internet (to my sorrow:)), and the only thing I missed for all that time - are THESE WONDERFUL PAGES. My heart is full of joy to be here, with you, again (although, in Reality, we have never been separated: everything is ONNESS).
As I can see that "a lot of wather has flowed" for the time I was away, and I am happy about that. I am happy to see that everything is still the same: The Changes constantly are in action - The Cosmic Agenda unfolds, in accordance with our Divine Destiny! And ...you are here, as always, to help us, and to inspire us, to hold our consciousness not to be bounded with occurences of this 3D world (doesnt matter if it "pleasant" or "unpleasant" to us - to our EGO...) but to our supreme, ultimate destination: our everlasting Divine Source. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THAT from the depth of my heart!

I, only, have a little "problem" to completely accept this Arcturian message (or just the way they said this), because of the following: the FACT is that our Highest Self (our Real-State-of-Being) already, and forever, is in eternal bliss, light and love - it IS eternal Bliss and Light and Love - and, as It is The Perfect Fullness, no real "progress" or "evolution" (and so - nor any REAL "ascension") does not exist. In reality, it IS the fact. But, when we talk about humankind evolution (or evolution of humankind consciousness), we are talking about (and from) the levels of our fallen state of consciousness (!) and - to say that "in reality your old world does no longer exist", seems to me like some kind of joke... Well, OF COURSE that in reality EVERYTHING IS GOD, but we are talking, and living our "separate" lifes (and prepare ourselves for "Ascension", or the final Awakening and the End of Evolution), from the level of this World-of-Relativity (!!!). ...And, after all of that, I really interested in the following: whether the "21.12.2012." (or so called "Ascension") will really happen (as the Event within this 3D time and space) - and as it predicted - or not? If this will really happen, than the stories like "we are already in Oneness but we still do not see it", seems to me like some kind of "stories for children"... I hope, Ute, you understand me what I wanted to say. - It is QUITE CLEAR that all depends entirely on our own level of consciousness, but does it the truth that The Ascension will happen no matter we "want" or "do"? It is my question, and, I am sure, not only mine.
Please, ask Arcturians for CLEAR answer about this (if it is possibly), or if you, personally (from your own view and inner experience), can tell some determined about this).

Thank you for all you do, you are a real angel.
Much love from Niranjan!
(P.S. - sorry because of my "Tarzan english" and eventual grammatical or spelling errors)

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Dear sangrenegrv, what a joy, thank you for sharing!! And I was really praying for you:)

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Dear Niranjan, it makes me happy that you experience my messages as uplifting! Thank you! It inspires me to continue with this work!
Re your "problem": in my understanding and knowledge we will not realize Ultimate Reality in 5D. Ultimate Reality is beyond dimensions. There is a difference between "thinking" Realizaton of It and the actual realization of Realization. This would be a state, where even the Higher Self is dissolved in that Ultimate Divine Love-BLissful Consciousness, the Substance in Which all Things arise. One of the Greatest Masters has called this "Talking School": you assume that by mere talking and visualizing the Truth enables the student to Be It. In other words the believe that Truth or Reality can be realized with the means of the mind, even if it is a very high state of mind. True Realization is beyond Mind, and mostly we have problems to distinguish the subtle mind and ideas and wishful thinking from the actual Realization of the Ultimate Divine which is prior to mind.
And although from the Ultimate "Point of view" we Are always already That Ultimate Being, from our, still separate point of view, we haven't realized It. It is a paradox and both views are true, or from how many point of views you want to look at it, they are all true. And ascension is of course from the Ultimate View just a play and not "real", But we, in our identification with dimensions, experience ascension as real. It is all true at the same time. And it depends to "whom" or to "what" the Arcturians speak, and in my understanding they spoke to those who are basically allowing themselves to suffer still the odds of 3D, instead of allowing the love and happiness they are to come already forward, so that they are not (really) touched by 3D adversities.

So in this context the Arcturian message is to be understood in terms of dimensions, meaning the 3D consciousness and is not really existing anymore and that we - from a multidimensional understanding - are already now in the 4th/5th dimension. This is not an absolute state of existence yet, it is rather a kind of dimensional dream state. To realize the Absolute requires in my understanding the transcendence of EVERYTHING ARISING. A preliminary practice of that kind would be the instruction:
Be Consciousness Itself
Contemplate Consciousness Itself
Transcend Everything in Consciousness Itself

But how do you do this? How do you locate Consciousness, not the human brain consciousness but the Ultimate Source Condition of all Worlds and Things and Beings? You cannot imagine it, to do it. You cannot think it, to do it. You must be given a focus for your feeling attention which is beyond your imagination of the body-mind. And in the end even attention itself must be transcended which can only occur by Divine Grace.In this process the subject-object relationship vanishes. As long as this subject-object relationship exists, we are living in duality, even if it is in 5D, where we still say "I" and the "world"
This clarifies perhaps the depth and profundity of this subject.

Regarding your Tarzan-English, I am myself not a Native English speaker and I probably make more or less mistakes too.:) Main thing is, I understand you perfectly and hope I was able to answer your questions.
love and blessings to you! Ute

Anonymous said...

As I see, we fully understand each other. Or, as someone said: WE RESONATE!

As the occurence, the Enlightenment (Self-realisation) "happens" to each of us by "individually" (on the "one specific moment" of our personal spiritual evolution path... of course - when we, at last, abandon our ego in favor of the Highest Self). But, as you understood me, I just wonder what about it as "The Collective Event". Individually, of course, it "happens" (by the Action of Supreme One) then, and only!, when we "deserve" it; and I wonder whether the "Ascension" (in the "form" which Georgi hope to see about, for example) is our real future in 3D? Now, I realised it, and that what you said about levels of Arcturian messages...
Indeed, a lot of that, on our divine path, could seems to us very, and really, "paradoxical"; but although it is very "paradoxical" to be understood by our 3D-minds, it IS indeed what Happens. The Truth, the Absolute, is completely paradoxical in Its being, in its essence! So, The Paradox is the "second name of God-Himself" (isnt it?), and "IT" - that we REALLY ARE - is our The Final Destination, our Destiny!

Dear Ute, thanks for your comprehensive answer. It is the greatest pleasure to be on this divine path with you together.

sangrenegrv said...

This is a song from the cuban "trovador" Silvio Rodriguez.

Casiopea (Silvio Rodriguez)
Translated by me(sorry).

I was like a drop in the tide
The beach make me like a sand grain.

I was a point between crowd where I was
no one had detect me, so I learned

When I thought fullfilled the task
I returned my hearth to Casiopea

Jealously turned our plan:
for a million years expected.

Today I've been twice given coordinates
but no one answers my call

What could have happened to my signal?
Will I become homeless?

Today I survive just to my luck
faraway from my star and my people.

The trance has shown me another lesson:
the world itself is always the best.

I'm slowly weakening
Maybe dont wasn't my own, when you find me.