Friday, February 24, 2012


Image by Ute Shan'A'Maa, Copyright © 2012
Dear friends and readers of my blog!

In the past I often connected with our beloved and magnificent Sun and her people who live inside her. Surprisingly I always experienced a beautiful presence of cool lightness and beauty, after I went beyond the senses, which feel her heat as unbearable and as potentially destructive fire.

In this great times of change, where the Sun is paramount to our evolutionary process and while we experience increasingly powerful new energies pouring down from sun to  earth, - scientists call them solar flares- I started to connect with the Spirit of the Sun, to be informed directly by her about the deeper esoteric meanings of the great shift also She is going through.

In meditation, partly in my meditation room, but also by sitting outside, exposed directly to her rays, I asked the Sun:

Beloved Sun, would you please reveal to us your Secret, your true Name, your Process, your Function regarding earth and your other orbiting planets, all that what is still hidden behind the apparent knowledge, humanity is familiar with about you. What is your future, our future with you. Thank you!

While I connect with Her Spirit and energy, I feel both: her extreme Presence and Power of Creation, and at the same time her extraordinary and vast Sweetness and Softness.
This explains to me why the Sun has been associated by different cultures and traditions with male AND female deities, depending on whatever a culture has been oriented towards, the female or the male. 

And this is, what transpired to me from the Sun's Spirit-consciousness:

“Humanity has never been able to reveal my true Name as long as humans have been living in duality.

I AM Unlimited and Undifferentiated Consciousness which can take on all kinds of forms and states of limited consciousness, e.g. that of a human being, limited to a 3dimensional brain consciousness.

I AM, and I AM a doorway for cosmic conscious energy and for the conscious light that emanates from the Center of your Galaxy.

Your scientists look at me as a dead body. But I am not. What your scientists see and what most of you see – this fiery, yellow bright shining body – is indeed the appearance  of a spiritually highly evolved Being. I AM burning, if you will, with the fire of spiritual evolution, drawing all my planets with me into a higher spiral of consciousness. It is a gross perception to think that I AM merely on the same level of consciousness as my planets are who surround me.  In truth I AM appearing to your senses as this immense fire, so that you are able to notice my presence.

What is happening now, as I reach out to my planets with my solar flares, is that I have finally the permission to break through the long lasting seeming standstill of illusion of separation and to reveal the secret of my state. With the emission of my solar flares I reveal my transparency to the greater truth of your galaxy that abides in the galactic center which is itself the threshold to the Ultimate Source of Divine Consciousness, The-All-That-Is.

In other words, I am not a separate being, as none of you is, but I am a conscious conduit of ultimate light and energy, which is no other than Truth and Undivided Divine Consciousness, which can be felt as Love-Bliss and Unlimited Feeling of Being.

My reaching out to all my planets is carrying this truth to you, implanting it directly into your cellular, emotional, mental and spiritual body, to unite them all as one single radiant consciousness.

As such I AM a large portal, facilitating the apotheosis of the planets, orbiting me.
I have the function of both: allowing them to experience duality and to transcend duality, in order to return to the Oneness that Is the True Being of God, The All-That-Is.

The ancient myth of the Phoenix describes exactly this.
There is a secret hidden in this myth, which has been always interpreted as a merely physical event: putting himself and its nest on fire, burning to ashes. Your 3dimensional consciousness has not understood the true meaning of the ashes. In truth, the Phoenix is an image of what I AM, what you ultimately ARE and what the Divine Process altogether Is.
In a Divine World there are no ashes, the ashes are signifying the end of the illusion of a God-less world of darkness and duality. What arises from the ashes is a purified and Divine World, a Divine Soul and Consciousness in which each individual consciousness participates.

The Phoenix is the promise of the Golden Age, the diamond that appears after eons of being tested and purified by the pressure of experiencing duality and the friction caused by the intertwining of the light and the dark. The rebirth of the Phoenix reveals that there is only darkness where there is duality. It describes the rising above duality and the revelation that there is only light, Divine and Undivided Light.

I have been bearing this secret since eternity and your earth had been brought into my orbit at a time when the promise of her return to her original Christed state, from which Gaia had been fallen, had been granted.

She has been going through a process similar to the birthing of a diamond, and therefore the process of the creation of  the diamond has been held in her body as the promise for her Divine resurrection.

That this resurrection can occur, is due to my own Divine Process, in which I Am holding each of my planets in my sphere so that they all can ascend to what they truly are: bearers of Divine Consciousness, testimonies of the Divinity of all Existence.
With the rebirth of the Phoenix, duality dies in the fire of purification, to rise as the One Unity Consciousness, a Radiant Ascension from the Heart to the One Divine Love-Blissful Consciousness .

What you perceive now of Me with your 3dimensional consciousness is the heat of burning away all that which is not of the inherent knowing of Divine Unity. The One who understands this Unity knows my cooling Bliss and Nature.

What you experience as My solar flares is the information of that Unity, directly to be imprinted into your DNA, the cells of your body, informing your still limited consciousness, cracking open the shells of your encapsulated awareness of reality, but which will soon belong to your past.

When humanity has fully awakened, they will recognize Who I AM and they will recognize that I AM able to appear as both: with form and formless. But even My form is a subtle and not a solid form, but as which I still appear to humanity to serve your process.

Crop circles, depicting My expansion as, what you call, a Red Giant, is a 3dimensional perception or projection, but which describes in truth the disappearance of my solid form, because there will not be such perceivers anymore. The subtle form is always an expanded one. Therefore the Red Giant is a metaphor from the point of view of the 3dimensional consciousness, trying to describe a spiritual phenomenon.

Yes, also I ascend, meaning, that I do not have to appear as a gross physical body anymore, as this dimension is going to be assimilated soon by the higher dimensions  in the ongoing graceful ascension process, which includes your solar system and your galaxy, spreading throughout the whole universe.

To unite with Me in consciousness, is to assist the final liberation of Gaia and all her creations, that is: also humanity as a whole, to be set free from their past of darkness and confinement.

Know that my light, that your physical eyes and your organism receive, is only the outer appearance, behind which is hidden the Greatness and Immensity of My Spiritual Light, that is channeled from the Galactic Center and beyond, The-All-That-Is.

I AM only a servant and emanation of the Source, which loves to play with Itself.
Consider my play as the Play of the Highest Light, made visible even to your eyes, so that you may recognize the  Divine Glory of all Existence.

It is your part, - and your time has come, - to realize that what I AM, is re-surrected in your own very heart. The Wonders of Creation are infinite, as the Highest is found in the heart and core of all that arises.

As much as I now still nurture your 3dimensional bodies, that much I AM now allowed to nurture your spirit body, to the degree where your 3dimensional reality dissolves in your higher consciousness.

You soon will awaken to your new reality, which cannot be understood, unless you accept and re-discover your multidimensional nature.

What I have told you now, what I have told to all humanity, carries  My Blessings to instill trust in the Divine Process I am here to serve.

I AM your Sun, the Doorway, Portal and Facilitator of Divine Consciousness."

Here the Sun's transmission ended. She had revealed to me  her message as subtle correlations mainly as intuitions, visions or images and direct experiences, and it was my task to translate them into verbal expressions. 

May they serve your inspiration and healing, my dearest sisters and brothers!

Much love and blessings,
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Alakh Niranjan said...

Dear Ute, what a wonderful message!
Indeed, the Sun is the Portal - great transcendental Portal, which is the Connector for all that created with the Center of the Galaxy (and, bejond - The Heart of the Universe), with The Center of Life and Consciousness. ...Our dear, beloved Sun!
But, one thing that is very interesting for me: why do you speak about the Sun like "She", and
not "He"? :)
Much love!

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Hello, dear Niranjan, we do not have a genderless expression, and "before God all souls are female". Also, as we experience the Sun especially at this time in her energetic expression, it is appropriate for me to refer to her as "she". The Shakti is always female.

Alakh Niranjan said...

Logically, of course! (The Soul is "She", and The Spirit seems to me like "male"; but in fact, these are the only (our) "definitions" of ONE-CONSCIOUSNESS).

I wish to tell you something very interesting about an event regarding the Sun (as Portal):
When a great saint - Paramhans Swami Madhavananda (known as Guruji) - died (finally left this dimension: MAHASAMADHI, on Sanscrit), those days registered the enormously, perhaps the biggest ever, turbulences on the Sun. His disciple, and spiritual successor, Swami Maheshwarananda (my beloved Guru), explained us that IT was just a reaction to the passage of great soul through the Sun-Portal. And, indeed - IT WAS IT!
That occured on October 31st in 2003., and it was registered in the media worldwide...

Indeed; the Universe is such "THE THING" which about we know, just, NOTHING (from the perception of this, our, relative mind)! IT is THE-(EVER SINCE)LIVING-BEING, and IT is not some kind of "Place", but "The STATE" - The State of The ABSOLUTE CONSCIOUSNESS. And this, just now, comes the time of awakening to that Truth. That is the Greatest Blessing for all of us, ever!

From the bottom of my heart: Love, and Peace, and Blessing!

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Thank you for sharing! Yes, I know, these things are happening, it tells us again that no movement remains unnoticed, all is connected, and the more powerful a consciousness is the more it is reflected in the phenomenal world - if desired. Some great souls want to exist fully hidden and unnoticed. So I think that there is always also an intention involved, if those things occur ...
Blessed Be!

Anonymous said...

My dear Ute, Niranjan here...

Thru all, this, your blessed work, you become very close to my heart my being (and, I am sure, to the hearts of many others - real seekers for Truth). So that I can say now - I RESONATE WITH YOU. You are a very devotional and unselfish soul, and, about all of that, I am very grateful to you - I am grateful to God for you exist!
Now, I have to ask you for something very embarrassting to me (and not only to me!) for a long time. ...If you can help me, of course; but as I recognised you are so, so deeply intuitive soul, I really believe - you can (and, please, I wish if you could answer me directly on my mail-address and not "publicly" like this way; and this my mail, also, you better do not publish on this place). This my (our) "problem" is about next:
From about ten months ago, starts enormous of romours, and accusations toward a great saint - Guru Maheshwarananda (founder of internationally recognized and respected Sistem "Yoga-in-daily-life":, and it continues. He, Swamiji, is successor of a great divine teaching of Bhagavan Sri Deep Mahaprabhuji (Living-Divine-Light, real Incarnation, 1828-1963, Rajastan, India: I, and many, many of others disciples, were totally gave our hearts to him. But, after all of what happened (and also some "hints" from Guru himself - but it was quite questionable!...), many of us returned only to the Inner Teacher - Inner-Self - and begin to weaken a relation with Svamiji himself). That hurts so much... But the accusations to him hurts even more.
Now; my heart tells me one, but I am with imperfect knowledge and experience, and, in fact - KNOWING NOTHING. So... I kindly, the most I can do, ask you to see those links (site) about Swami Maheshwarananda, and (consistent with your own intuition) please tell me your "inner feeling" about all of this. I will be very, very grateful to you, if you could set aside some of your time to help me to remove the "fog" from my eyes!
Thank you in advance, dear Ute, and Be Blessed!

Anonymous said...

O, sorry! I thought you see adress thry this kind of conversation.
Here you are:

(By the way; there were (and still are!) so hard accusations against Swamiji (about all kinds of abuses - so even from some of his, recently, closest disciples...) that it is so disgusting and contrary to common sense. ...It is certainly that Hi is the "thorn in their eye", becouse of his Liberation teachings toward humankind, and maybe also it has many, many egoism and envy by many unclean people and disciples, but... it would be extremely difficult and disappointing for many, many of us if (however...) it will show that at least a fraction of that was true. I hope you understand me - He was (IS) the Embodiment of Purity, for thousands and thousands of us... I pray to my almighty and omnipresent Mahaprabhuji for Light and Truth!)
Please help me ("enlighten" me...) if you can.
Your, Niranjan

Meus Pensamentos said...

Hello Ute!
I've been following your posts on the subject, and would like to know more about these pressures the body and what are its symptoms. Example: If symptoms such as heavy breathing, pressure in the head / neck, if they could understand?
Thank you
Erkeys Paulo (Brazil)
PS machine translation from Portuguese into English.
Olá Ute!!
Venho acompanhando suas mensagem sobre o assunto, e gostaria de saber mais sobre essas pressões do corpo e quais são suas tomas. Exemplo: se sintomas como respiração pesada, pressão na região da cabeça/nuca, se assim poderia se entendo?
Muito Obrigado
Paulo Erkeys (Brasil)
P.S. Tradução eletrônica do Português para Inglês.

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Dear Paolo, what you describe is correct. The influx of energies is felt as pressure coming from above, as they aim to penetrate our body. These energies carry information to transform our body and consciousness.
Thereby our glands are being changed and they are growing to serve our awakening consciousness as a multidimensional being. Also the body detoxifies in this process. It is like our body is growing and the clothes are becoming too tight. Imagine the strain and stress on seams.
In the head it is mainly the pineal gland connected to our 3th eye which evolves and thereby causes headache.
Problems with the neck can be caused by tensions in the head but also when you suppress the expression of your individual feelings and creativity. Also the neck is connected with a gland, the thyroid gland and its chacra.
In the chest it is the heart chacra and the growing of the thymus gland, evolving to the higher heart chacra. Breathing problems can occur due to emotions held in the heart chacra which are felt like congestions as the incoming energies are pressing on them. Also a contracted solar plexus, caused by negative emotions, such as fear and stress, can add to the feeling of congestion in the chest and can result in breathing problems.

It is all about releasing stored negative thoughts and emotions and toxins too, and relaxing and opening the body, avoiding processed food, drinking a lot of clean water, and exercising the body to be able to deal with the energy changes. And of cause keep breathing and rest a lot.

We need to wander from the head to our heart and live from there and ground our body in the body of Gaia. The incoming energies are helping us to do this.
Keep in mind that also the geomagnetic disturbances can cause trouble. So we need to stay balanced in our heart.
If you need help with release of your emotions, you might want to see somebody who can help you with this.
I hope this answers your question.
Many blessings!

Tony said...

Hi Ute, first thank you for all these wonderful messages we receive through you ...

But something caught my attention when you mean the sun, you go to her as female, would you explain to me the reason ...??

I always heard that the Great Spirits who run the Sun are Helios and Vesta ...

Could you shed some light on this please ...

Thank you very much, many blessings, peace and love ... Namaste.

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Hi Tony, this is a good question. Each planet is animated by a spirit, the spirit of earth is Gaia.
In this sense I talk to the spirit of the Sun. There might be deities who "run" a planet with different names and aspects, depending on the human culture. But they are not the spirit of the planet. Also please read my answer to the first comment to this message.
Sun's true name is not yet revealed. But probably we will soon know more as the ascension process evolves ...
Love and Blessings!

~DiamondLight~ said...

Great blog energy,

Indeed l have had and am having many Ascension experiences and inner visions
and even the Light body..we are beginning to experience we are indeed ascending with mother Gaia...but this post has confirmed too me we are as well ascending into the Light of the Solar Logos as well and the whole solar system is
moving up into the light of ...Helios and fire beings of Luminous

A question. Do we we leave our brothers and sisters as we ascend and all these problems behind or can we integrate the fire and light into form to bring forth the Phoenix Age even in the new 3D earth as soon as possible?


Anonymous said...

Hello Ute

I have read your blog and subsequent comments with interest. I find my understanding and acceptance on a spectrum which fluctuates as I read between thinking it's hippy nonsense to thinking that yes, I could see that forces/movements which I don't understand are occurring. I suppose being brought up in the age of reason and scientific system of seeing is believing, I need to see it with my own eyes or have the majority of society (if it is a trustable one) tell me it is so. What I would like to ask is how do I, as a busy mum surviving in a western country, become able to connect at a level where I can 'see/feel' for myself the deeper forces that are at work.
I hope my comments and question come across in the way I intend, which is not to be rude but to honestly communicate my thoughts and predicament as I have a genuine will towards greater understanding.

Many thanks and the wishing anyone who reads this the kindest of greetings.

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Hello Jane, I understand your point! :) Please consider that there are rules, set up by the society who dictate what is possible and what not. This also relates to mainstream science. They are set up by certain individuals with specific limiting point of views. We need to break free from these limitations, and if you can accept this, than your mind is free to follow your own truth, by allowing your own deepest personal feelings and thoughts coming forward! Cultivate and trust your own intuition! This is very important, because our mind has been shaped rigidly in this super-controlled world. My messages link to other dimensional realities which challenge the rigid mind of the control system that wants us to forget who we are. Therefore we must learn to return to our heart and follow it. Do not believe in anything that you cannot FEEL to be true, this includes my messages! But believe in your own heart and intuition and let it guide you! Let your children teach you! Many blessings, Ute

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody. My name is Shaun Christopher Lovejoy, born Feb. 28,1992. So yes im a Pisces and ive been trying to figue myself out, both my astrology/numerology have both been called very interesting and rare. Ive been realizing that my life has a lot of unique combinations and ive been getting more in touch with my spirit. Its just this caught my eye and i started reading it and i started realizing that this sound a lot like what i would say. I dont know. It all started with a friend telling me he thinks im a sun spirit and then me looking it up and this conversation. Heck im even posting something on this and i hardly post anything on anything. Im just saying i dont believe in coincidence that i came across this.

Thank you,
Shaun Lovejoy

Unknown said...

You are the projector and make your reality. Each moment is made into something new.