Monday, February 20, 2012

Personal Update: The Cosmic Breath of Change


Dear friends and readers of my blog,

where are we right now?
I think we are in a great place! Although not always comfortable. 

The light-frequencies sweeping earth ever more frequently and powerfully, are very pleasant when we let them do their work on and in our body, or better: bodies, as we have a number of them, from gross, subtle to causal, all with a different function. I am not going into details about them, if you need to, I recommend you look this up in other places that are dedicated to this matter. 

I can see and feel an incredible orchestration and pouring down of energies, dancing, expanding, pressing on and directly targeting our bodies and everything on this planet, bringing with them the breath of change.

If we invite them, and open fully up to them, making ourself wide, without contraction, they reveal themselves as bright and mighty winged messengers and carriers of Divine empowerment, messengers of liberation and freedom. 

It is the freedom from any limitation in our physical cells, in our mind and our feeling. They carry with them the opening up to the infinity of the Great Spirit that breathes all beings and things. It is the Creative Spirit-Power of the nameless and image-less Creator Force Who comes with His overwhelming Presence of Love and Completion.

Well, how can I describe what is beyond our words, as it widens the cave of the heart to the infinite horizon of Joy and Eternity. These forces are bringing to us the Knowing of the Soul's Immortality in an Immortal body. They take away ANY walls of any prison we have known for the last millenniums. They set us free. 

They teach us to let go whatever still confines us, they are our benefactor and even great pains of letting go, the pain of the frictions we might experience while these forces impact on denser vibrations to which we might still hold onto, are in truth our benefactors, our great helpers, our Divine Lovers, those who embrace our Truth. They do not embrace our limitations, our false identities.  They speak directly to our Essence, so that our Essence can let go what we are not. 

We might feel a fire in our body, a pressing surge of electricity, a sudden release of light, a stinging pain, a restlessness, a sudden buzz and whirling brain, a breathless breath, a deep peace and bursts of laughter and joy. Or tears of love. Or our thinking mind resists to work, or sudden clouds of old emotions  come to surface. And many more things too. 

While we open ourselves up to these Mighty Forces of Light, all what is dense and somehow awkward and unpleasant can now escape through the "opening cracks" of our willingness, to dissolve into this light. Just in a minute. We  realize we don't need them anymore and they have NOTHING to do with us. Plain old NOTHING. 

Each of the incoming waves of the Solar Storms are a new cosmic shower we need to step into to get the next clean up. Our beloved Sun is a portal for cosmic energies to blast through to reach all its planets. In Gaia's intimate relationship with our Sun this most potent exchange of energy is happening now.

It really has begun, and is only the beginning. I feel it is important to honor each blast accordingly to keep up with the pace. It is like sitting in class and when we miss a lecture we have to work harder to catch up. 

These are already the emissions from the Galactic Center, this is not high school anymore! We are sitting already in the cosmic university!

10 more and ever more exciting months to go when the alignment is perfect. Its all only a matter of surrender. 

Some of us have learned how to surrender, others not. Now we have gotten a crash course, to learn it, we just need to ask for it, and it will be given to us. For certain it has something to do with surrendering the dominating power of mind-chatter, useless ideas, fears and worry, - we don't need that anymore,  and the entering into the domain of feeling. Feeling these powers is helpful, but an open heart is enough. Letting go all that useless crap we have accumulated over - ? eons of time! 

We are throwing now in the winds of change all our layers of false presumptions, while they blow away into nothingness. It just happens, with all of us, sooner or later. While we seek the change - it happens, just by itself.

Dearest friends, we are in the midst of it already, the promises are being delivered! Our hopes are met with Intense Divine Love, with Divine Tenderness. We ARE IT. We are the Paradox, the Nameless and the Completion. 

And by the way, my printer went noisy,  crazy working, without being plucked into the wall socket while I was typing. This good old Dell buddy seems to be always very in tune and a real lightworker. :)

Much love,

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