Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Dear friends and readers of my blog,

there has just arrived a new CME and I have been feeling since Sunday that something new is building up strongly. And today we have a massive solar storm. The dogs in my neighborhood are all over the place with barking and yowling.

 So I continued my conversation with Sun's Spirit. I have not been given Her True Name yet. And all the names known so far don't seem to fit. I understand this as a sign that more will still be revealed about her.

"Beloved  Spirit of the Sun, would you please teach us how exactly we should use your Solar Flares, so that we most benefit from them. Thank you!"

"Dearest ones, first of all know hat I have your very best at heart. My intention is always pure. Even if you experience my movements not as pleasant.

My flares affect your electro-magnetic body, meaning your mental and your emotional body. So if there are contents of greater densities which are not fitting in a higher dimensional consciousness, they will be triggered, they will increasingly come into your awareness and might cause also pain in the body. Know that this is not a punishment, but an opportunity to acknowledge them as what they are and to release them. You ARE not them. What happens to your electro-magnetic body is a shift in its system, a re-arrangement, that allows for a new and higher balance.

You could also look at it like an operation. The energies of my flares are like tools that remove what does not serve you. Medical operations are not pleasant, as you know, but they serve a betterment of your condition, and I advice you to consider possible phases of non-well-being as transitional moments which will soon bring you relieve from old and unnecessary structures of your belief system and your emotional body, and thereby energetic problems in your physical body. They all will disappear as if they wouldn't have existed before, and you will forget them.

Each time when such purification is completed you will become aware that your true Self comes forward more noticeable and more radiant, and  you will observe that you have become happier, enjoying a new freedom  and self-love, clarity and natural inner authority.

So your question was, what you should do, when my Flares are effecting you.

While they are pressing against your auric field, and also create disturbance in the earth' geomagnetic field, exercise an open disposition, a receptive mind, and be willing, to receive these energies of mine fully in your energy body. Do not forget to breathe. As often as you can, inhale them into your heart and exhale them while spreading them deliberately in your whole body, welcoming them as your friends who rearrange your DNA and your entire energy grid. If you are clairvoyant you will notice that my flares also carry huge amounts of pairs of light green-yellow and white light. But also pairs of violet and white light. Allow this light to purify and enliven you.

My flares are also penetrating the skin of your cells to enter the nucleus. This will change your cell consciousness and aligns it to the Force of the Galactic Center. It is the beginning of the immortality of your bodies and the transformation of your carbon based into crystalline bodies.  So what my flares basically do, is to change your physical structure and embed new Divine Information into your consciousness. 

Those who carry the codes of ascension, those who are here to support the ascension process of humanity, will be the first to be involved in this process as forerunners of a new humanity.

So I ask you to welcome joyfully this process whatever your personal experience will be, even if perhaps not always  pleasant for the moment.

What you feel as tension when my flares start to penetrate your energy field is their impact on the electric tension of the membrane encasing each of your body-cells. Try to relax as much as you can to avoid major frictions. The key is the balanced breath to harmonize any imbalance.

I ask: is there anything else we need to know which helps us in this process?

My dearest, while you feel this strong impact of my flares in your body, it is good to remember and connect in your feeling with my spiritual light, to open your awareness for the vastness and greatness of the Divine Infinity. Although you might feel pressure on your body, your spirit always is free. Do not allow to contract to mere physicality because of the forceful nature of my flares. The more you do this, the quicker you are able to assimilate my Blessings in to your body and cellular system".

I thought for some of you this might be helpful.
Much love,

P.S. .... and not to forget: a lot of exercise and light and little food is good too!

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