Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Dear friends and readers of my blog,

if you are wondering why you feel as you feel, consider the disturbances in the geomagnetic field, which are also called solar storms. I perceive them as powerful and moving energy clouds pressing onto my own energy field and body. It feels like the whirling magnetism has an effect on the blood too. As if something is whirling slightly in the blood vessels.
How about you?
It is very important to relax continuously the body to let the energies do their work  and to avoid energy blockages.

Geomagnetic activity on 16th of February:

Keep in mind that we have been told by many sources that this will go on this year, as very high activities from the sun are reaching our planet. In other words: extremely high energies  - and growing - are arriving - to change our system of DNA, body and mind.
This prepares us for the end of the year when earth aligns with the Galactic Center!
Love and Blessings,

Update 18.2.12
Since yesterday when the magnetic turbulence subsided, I feel that these magnetic whirling clouds did remove and clean up frequencies in my body, which have been there since birth, inherited genetical stuff, and bits of collective consciousness. I also could clearly see some of my self-created "role models", e.g. just the identity who goes buying groceries. This did not even happen while shopping. It appeared like a persona, a kind of shadow, an energy field I looked at, as if it was another person. 

It appears that the big cleaning up of the human race has begun. Hurray!

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