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Greetings, I AM Tobaara!

I am a 5th dimensional being from a star system far away from your solar system. My mission is to introduce you into the 5th dimension, to give you some visions and possible intuitions and remembrances about what is awaiting you in your evolutionary journey.

There are already some descriptions given to you how it would be like when you awaken from your lower vibrating reality to a 5th dimensional density. They all come from a different point of view and here is mine. It will be helpful for you if you resonate with it.

At first I will paint a clear picture for you how you will experience you environment. It will appear to you much more translucent, and the colors will be very radiant, from inside out. All objects will shine naturally and the surfaces are not very opaque like objects in your world appear to you now, because of the structure of your senses which operate in a quite stiff rather than in a fluid and transparent manner. What I mean by that is that you perceive your world still as something solid and separate from you, as if it would be an independent appearance, while in reality it is not.

In the 5th dimension you experience your environment as non separate from yourself, you know naturally that your ARE your environment, as the veil between what is  inside you and  what is outside you, has been removed.

With this transparency you experience the unity of all things and beings, as the transparent heart of all is also  your own transparent heart which is in its essence one with all. You all share the core of this transparency with one another and therefore know inherently the unity you all share.

Therefore your own creations appear simultaneously inside your space of heart as they appear outside, and this is how you feel inherently connected to all beings and things.  You will experience directly what your evolved scientists already found out: that there is only one interconnected field of consciousness.

While you enter and focus more and more on the core of your transparent heart and therefore on the core of all transparent hearts  -- which is in reality only one heart, you slowly withdraw 'over time'  your interest from objects and focus on this center, and by doing so, the objective world disappears and your reality becomes a reality without objects, appearing as radiance, happiness and love. A state of pure being as you will realize. In this state you enter the higher 5th dimensional realm to transition into the 6th dimension.

It is a world of wonders and beauty. As soon as you leave your 3th dimension your body and your senses will become more subtle and the process of perceiving the unity of all things will commence. The more you leave your sense of  separation behind, while living more and more in the feeling of love and oneness, the more will the 4th dimension fade away giving room for your entrance into the 5th dimension.

It is all a matter of growth in consciousness and awareness, a process that will be triggered and supported by the incoming high frequencies, partly through your sun and partly directly through emissions from your galaxy.

There are star systems and planets in your surrounding universe who are so called transmitter stations and who are receiving greater transmissions from the deep of the universe,  and who are sending these further via your galactic center to your entire solar system, including your earth.

You see that the whole universe works together to initiate and bring about your ascension process. The information contained in these solar and galactic transmissions are all about the divinely programmed evolvement of not only your solar system but also the universe in which you exist.

The transmissions from the deep of the universe are from galaxies of greater states of  consciousness which are altogether in a more exalted state than your own galaxy. There is still much to learn, there is indeed a hierarchy of galaxies in the total universe, as there is a hierarchy of star systems and planets in your galaxy and in your solar system.

The evolution of Divine Consciousness never ends and it shows you that you have still a very long and glorious way ahead of you, ever more expanding your consciousness and your capacity to learn and to understand the greatness of the Divinity that is the Source of all Universes.

I greet you with much love!
I AM Tobaara

Message conveyed by Ute

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Thank you for sharing this information! I Highly resonate with this.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Ute.Я I live in Ukraine in Crimea. I like your messages and they are conformable with me. Thanks for your post. Oleg.