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Greetings, I AM Tobaara again, returning to continue our conversation!

There are many star nations who serve humanity at this point in your process of evolution. However there is much doubt also that they have untrustworthy intentions, intentions that would strive to make contact with you to dominate your race or your planet.

You must know that those intentions exist but that they are at this point not allowed to enter your realm, they are prevented from reaching you even. This is so as this is a time where humanity is protected for the sake of their ascension and evolvement into a higher consciousness.

Therefore, interference is not allowed anymore. You have been already too long under the domination of alien races and their time is not over just to hand you over to others who would continue to dominate you.

However please understand, that this gives you the opportunity to stand up for yourself and end the millenniums of submissive behavior and irresponsibility for your own life.

All the religions which have subdued you in false teachings and promises must be seen through and you must take your own authority back. This includes the understanding who you really are: a Divine creation, a being of light. The times of slavery are over and in reality you are not what you think you are. This process of realignment to your true nature requires of you a willingness to take on a new self-understanding and thereby to find out your true roots, which means that you must go inside to find out. You cannot go on with your life as usual and just relate to it as something which happens merely outside of you.

You must start to know yourself.

Without it you will continue to give all your powers away to the forces who are still trying to dominate you and have turned you into beings with a herd-like behavior, full of consumer ideas and desires, passive individuals who are not able to make their life a creative adventure, but individuals who are  unconsciously waiting to be manipulated, abused and destroyed.

This will continue for you until you seriously start to find out your true roots, discover what you truly are, until you start to ask your heart and live from the creativity of your heart and until you find the innate feeling of your own presence by wandering down from your dominant place in the brain of your head into your heart.

As long as you utilize mainly your capacity to think in abstract ways, you will be manipulated by those who want power over you. They are therefore indeed your teachers!

The heart is the only place from which you cannot be manipulated, because it is the place where you are the stage director of your own life. Living from there you cannot be betrayed by "other" forces. Living from there makes your life an authentic life and a Divine Life, as your heart is always directly connected and one with your Divine Source.

I am here to encourage you to take my advice to your very heart and change your position to become and realize who you are: a powerful being, full of the powers of God who has created you in His own image. A being of unspeakable beauty, light, love and purity.

Indeed you are not the cattle you have been allowing to be turned into, who is living dependent on what the designers of your life want you to be: obedient to and identified with a consumer’s world and its illusions.

Turn to the light that is invading now your planet and let yourself to be awakened and enlightened . Become yourself,  by withdrawing your main attention from a world around you that has been created by the dominating powers who want you to continue to live an unconscious and submissive life, shaped by things to have and norms how you should look like.

You are not your body, although you have one. Let this body be at peace and pleasurable, but let it be so by the ruling force of your heart, to enjoy a Divine World. 

A world that is appearing in front of you which is not created from your own heart is a false world. A world of illusion. It is created by your controllers so you do not notice who you are. It is created to disinform you and to distract you from the source of your true happiness. You must have noticed – as you run after things hoping for ultimate fulfillment – that the happiness attained by things is short. It is indeed. 

Because you cannot find your heart in things. Your heart is found by feeling into your own deep of being. That is where you find happiness.
Enjoy the things of life but do not look in them for happiness.

Wake up, humanity, beloved! We all desire so much to see your awakening heart, your beauty to unfold, to free your world.

I AM Tobaara, your friend and being from the 5th dimension.

Message conveyed by Ute

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This is very uplifting. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom and for shining you bright light:)

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