Tuesday, January 17, 2012


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Dear Ones, we are the Arcturians! 

Today we come to you to inform you that in reality your old world does no longer exist.

What you see, is the shadow of it while you are still dreaming in your old world, so that it seems, that this world continues. 

We, from the higher dimensions, can see clearly from our greater point of view that this is indeed so. As you are tucked with your vision still in a 3D density, your brain is still wired to continue your view in the old ways just because it is used to it. 

If you all only could see, what we see! But you all will see it - and the sooner the better - when you are changing your point of view, when you start living in your heart, when you start to allow the new energies which are the substance for the creation of your new world, to enter you, to change your carbon based body into a crystalline one, and when you allow all your cells to be transmuted, and so your brain waves and the glands in your head, and everything that  comes with it. 

You, who are here to allow this transformation to occur, are already in the midst of this change. Although you still might be not aware of it, and although you might still hang on to the old view and perception of your world in its 3dimensional appearance. 

We tell you this, so that you become aware what is already happening, and so that you change your disposition to open up your vision, to ready yourself to receive the gifts of light and higher consciousness from heaven, and to allow to be changed by it. 

To exercise Love, to open your heart, is certainly a way to prepare, dearest ones. What you have forgotten so long, now returns: your capacity to see your world from your heart and embrace all beings and things with your heart. This is so because it is your heart which is taking over your life, but for this to happen you must be explicitely and willingly  invite this change and your transformation. 

This might mean for many of you to let go parts of yourself and your world, it also could mean to let go some of your friends and your usual way of living. Naturally so, as with your agreement your vibration changes, and parts of your old world will not match your new vibrations so that they start to disappear. 

But do not be concerned! What you are leaving behind, is only what does no longer serve you, and what your deeper self wants you to let go. It is only your limited identity which desires to hold on to what no longer is in synchronicity with you. 

Dearest ones, you should know that you are protected in this process of your transformation, and that you are guided by your many invisible friends of the christed light, who are assisting you when you ask for it. But asking is necessary, you must know,  as they do not intrude upon you. 

When you have gone through most of your transformation, you will start to acknowledge that all what happened, and even the seemingly most difficult experiences, has been for your own best and highest good, as you awaken to a new and radiant and much more fulfilling presence of yourself, one that radiates as love and as light in a consciousness that reflects your Higher Self. What you “gain” will be unlimited joy, in which  all doubts and all your suffering and fears have vanished. 

We encourage you to trust in the process of your transformation and to consciously say “yes” to this process, because if you do your path will be much smoother and happier, with no hindrances of your opposing ego in the currents of change, which are sweeping your earth now. 

This agreement, this being in congruence with the streams of new conscious energies of love and of light, carry you quickly to your new destination of your greater Self and into the  higher dimensions of your new world. 

Remember, that you are not alone, you are taken care of and supported in your process by the forces of light and therefore you will not fail. 

We love and bless you! 
We are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute 
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Sunday, January 15, 2012


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I AM your God-Self,
Speaking to all humanity ~

Things occur not yet in your outer world because you still hold on to your old limited consciousness.
You cannot change your outer world experience while you still live and breathe as you have done for so many millenniums.

So that your outer world can change you must first change yourself, you must stop to seek and cultivate your point of view  of your merely 3D world. The idea of change of your financial and governmental models, the idea of the “disclosure” of the existence of an extraterrestrial presence , who is willing to serve your ascension process, is rightful and desirable. However it is first you who must change your paradigm of self-identification in order to make these changes in a Divine way to occur,  created from the perfection of  a Divine and higher dimensional Vision.

First you must be willing to change your consciousness. Because how can you create a new world with your old consciousness?

You must first turn upside down, you must come off from your peripheral self-identification down to the center and truth of who you are. What governed so far your life, the idea of separateness, which is the sign of your identification with a 3D based body-mind, is therefore still continuing to  repeat manifesting and holding tight to your old familiar world, although you are looking for changes.
You must sacrifice your separate self to create your new world. Only if you step into your true identity your new world starts to manifest for you.

It is not the mission of your galactic friends to “rescue” you! As if humanity could not grow up to be adults -spiritual adults, those who know who they are: Divine Beings, living as Unity. So should they then come to "save" unconscious and irresponsible children and take away from you this unsurpassed opportunity humanity is given at this time, to grow by discovering their own divine Self? No, your galactic friends will come to serve you in your human awakening of Self. And they come when you are ready, when you have renewed yourself to allow the new world to emerge.

To prepare yourselves for the higher dimensions, you must  acknowledge first of all your own God-Self and allow it to come forward and govern your life, because there is no single being of the higher dimensions whose life is not surrendered to their God-Self too.

And you can neither truly recognize them as who they are while you still hold on to your illusionary peripheral self of separation and false identity, nor will you change your world for real. Mere prosperity is not enough, and mere friendly new governments are not enough, they do not express in and of themselves what you truly are, a glorious heart of wonders and unconditional love and beauty, vibrating as Infinity in the Light of All-That-Is. Your new world must be the mirror of That Divinity, and not less. Is this not your heart’s desire?
Why fly low if you can fly high?

Dearest ones, you have been given already the new wave of Divine Consciousness and Love to manifest in your world. Accept It first as your Own and let it change you,  before you can expect the creation of the wonders of your new world to emerge.

Be blessed!

I AM your God-Self

Conveyed by Ute 


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Saturday, January 14, 2012


Dear friends and readers of my blog,

well, what about this "silence" - I thought I need to explain that it is not just a airy thing that's going on, as if it would mean some absence or "other-wordliness", hard to grasp and only something in my mind.

I don't know about you, but in my experience there seems to descend on us a huge new wave of conscious energy, very thick and warm and embracing - and extremely powerful.

It seems to undo our old world, perception and way of existence, with the intention to replace everything that has been so far our reality in the long lasting past of the last millenniums. It is the Descend of a higher Vibration, Density and Dimension into our world and life.

It makes me speechless and each morning the waking up process (returning to my body here) requires me to allow this immensity to press down (my God and with what a power!) and to descend into my body and and whole being, and to unfold and to spread out so that it seems that "it" now wants to take over my life, making me silent and stops me searching, (although my other creative self wants to continue its course, but is put to accept and to be soaked and drawn into this new presence). 

Is this easy to take? The old me says: No! It is unbearable, it says, as my familiar world seems to fall apart. But I know it has to surrender and I don't know what will come out on the other side as "me", when the integration has happened. And yes, it dawns in me: it is about integration, and when that is done, a new and transformed creativity will be born, so I hope. But who knows. It is the acceptance of the un-known.

Please, bear with me, but I know you understand, because many of you have their own more or less awesome and glorious transition period at hand (but which can feel sometimes strange too).

Even our neighbors changed, people who would be never open to any other dimension but working, eating and sleeping. Never wanted to know anything beyond that narrow cocoon of life. They recently asked me about 2012 and the rest,  and they started to radiate when I painted the beautiful picture. They were all happy eyes and ears and their hearts open for love. 

What a joy! Friends, it is spreading!  It IS happening!

This new conscious energy takes away every familiar perception of our reality as we know it, and it happens for everybody! Isn't this the greatest answer to the urgent question, so many of us have: "but how will this ascension process occur? How will the masses awaken?" 

I have seen the first sign shortly after the 11.11.11 event,
and now these first signs are bearing their first fruit!

Now we are given evidence that it occurs, by grace. The evidence that it will occur for everybody! 
I am sure you all have your own stories confirming this! 

No doubt, we are already in the midst of the great shift, preparing us for the Galactic Alignment in December of this year. 

Please be aware, that this is a personal testimony, a testimony from a resident of our most beautiful planet Gaia, from a direct participant in this great process, and not a message from our friends off the planet. 

What we have been told for so long is becoming our own tangible reality now. I consider this to be very important! Especially for those who are struggling with self-doubt. I wish from my heart you are inspired and drop your concerns how all will turn out.

Please don't hesitate, dearest sisters and brothers, to share your own experience here with us!

With love and blessings,

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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Dear friends and readers of my blog,

if you have read my latest "Messages from my God-Self' and you didn't like them especially, I guess that you are missing ascension talk.

I am very sorry if this should be the case for some of you. In my personal experience and process my messages and personal updates did cover what was important to convey at the time according to my window of participation in the great process and point of view.

Fact is that we are already in the midst of the ascension process, each one of us, and some are more aware of it than others. The waves of energy and light are unstoppable and ever more powerful. My body can tell!

We are used to be fed with information to keep us busy, keep our mind busy. However there must be also a time - and there is! - when we start to use this information for our own personal process. Especially, to prepare ourselves for what is still to come and which, as I believe, will be a major step stone in our so far more or less steady going progress of growing and changing.

Each one of us is now left with the remains of which we need to let go, to be ready  - and without old 3D baggage -  for the last shift into the higher dimensions. The down-pressing energies certainly force us to surrender to this letting go.

It is now about going wide and deep as our innermost being, to let it come to the surface, to let it shine, to allow our Divine Nature to be confessed and to be revealed. There is nothing greater than that, it is far greater than the events in the outer worlds. Perhaps we do not appreciate it enough having learned over Millenniums to consider ourselves as inferior beings and having forgotten the knowledge of who we are in our inherence in the Ultimate Divine.

It will reveal Itself if we let go, or cease to identify with  what we are not: unpleasant emotions and thoughts, or even a body, because in reality we are free and not enclosed it any of that. 

This has been said in many the messages in this blog.

I will keep you updated when something comes through, but at the moment there is this silence of the heart (didn't we have this already before ? :)  - but it always appears in different qualities ) which tells me: nothing is more important than this - at this time. 

So "they" leave me in peace so far, knowing that "no word" could ever compete with the message of the still-point - or should we call it the "zero-point"?

In the midst of it - I'd love hearing from you, my sisters and brothers!

You might find it strange, but you are in my thoughts and feeling, although I do not "know"  most of you! 

With love and with blessings!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


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I AM your God-Self,
Speaking to all humanity ~

Dearest Ones, I AM the Self of all humanity as humanity has one Source of Self. You are all souls and  bodies of Mine, but your Self, your Divine Source is One. It is your soul which makes you believe that you and your loved ones and all your human  brothers and sisters are separated from one another. You say: this is my soul and this is their soul. This is so because of your thought process. It is the thinking mind which perceives separation.

So it is a matter of how deep you look for your roots. If you look truly deep and if it is your heart’s desire to find the deepest truth of your being, you will find and experience that it is mindless and utterly heart satisfaction, where all your searches halt and die.

In this depth there is no separation from your  Source condition which some of you call God. Your Source Condition is your True Lover and when you begin to experience this Love you know that it is Unique because it is a Love which is Greater than any of the deepest love you can feel for your human lover.

You might think that it is not possible, you might think that your undying love for your beloved is the greatest love which exists.

But not so: there is a greater love and it is the Love of God which always Loved you first. If you allow this Love to touch you, you will know and you will know that you cannot share this love with your beloved but only with God, your Source.

Each heartache you suffer in your relationship with your most beloved one, each loss and each hurt, which breaks your heart and you believe cannot be survived, is healed by the Love of God.

To feel this Ultimate Love you must empty your heart of yourself, so that your Divine Lover can enter. He enters a space in your heart that you never can share with your beloved, it is the sacred space Reserved for God Himself. The Love with Which He Loves you is ultimate fulfillment as you have given yourself to the Ultimate, the Oneness with all beings; and What Is truly Great Is that Ultimate One Only.

All personal greatness you perceive about yourself, even that one which is your higher self, that one which survives all your incarnations, even your galactic ones, is an emanation of Myself, the God That Is Eternal in His Presence.
This Eternal One is the Substance of all worlds. It is the Ultimate Love and Happiness, It Is  the Light Above all lights and It Is above all cosmic lights and cosmic gods and beings, but contains them all.

This is your true and truly eternal home, my beloved ones. My Love never diminishes and so my Light and so my Happiness. This love you share with Me only, and it is sufficient.

Yes, love your beloved and your brothers and sisters and all beings with all your heart, because that is it what your life is about. But the Love you live and realize with Me, contains all the human love, and goes beyond even the most passionate and deepest one. The bond between the lovers is the gift of my Ultimate and your heart overwhelming Greatest Love, but this bond is but a fraction of your bond with Me, as you discover Me.

I have told you this, because there are so many - suffering the loss and separation and sometimes hurt from their most beloved one. And your feeling heart cannot survive it as it tears it apart.

The Love you have with me undoes the "you" who bonds with your beloved, and in the place of “you” the Great One takes His Seat in your heart, all your heart desires eternally satisfied, all your deepest desires fulfilled, because even the desire for your beloved is truly and ultimately  fulfilled in the everlasting Love of Myself. In this Love not only “you” but all your worlds are gone and nothing remains to be desired or suffered or missed.

This is the One undying Secret and Truth of your truly human heart. It is the Ultimate Treasure of humanity and the Oneness you are all searching for. Desires are the emanation of separation from your own Source. But when you merge with your Source, all your desires die in the Fullness which can never become less than this Fullness and Satisfaction. And ALL your deepest desires are fulfilled in This One Divine Love.

Who has tasted It Knows, he Is the Knower of Truth and he will never search for less. Because once you have tasted the Supreme Nectar you never will go back for less.

This Nectar is the Source and Giver of true human love because it has undone the “you” who lives and breathes in separation. This is the true release of separation and the enjoyment of Oneness with all beings and things.

Empty your heart of yourself, my dearest ones, of all shadows and make room for Me to enter. You will notice that this cleared space in your heart is not in the middle, it is a place which is connected with the right side of your heart. It is there where you find Me. Where I reside if you let Me in. It is the doorway to utter freedom and love and satisfaction, so you look for it. And you will look for It because you have noticed that all your businesses so far have not touched the real Ground of your Reality.

You will look for It because, even if you feel happy, you have not found Undying Happiness. You will look for it because you notice that even the greatest love between human lovers will disappear one day. You will look for it because of your experience that everything, EVERYTHING, changes, comes and goes and has no permanence.

When you start to feel desolate by the vanishing of time and things, you will look for Me and the True Source of what you are. And you will discover, that there IS indeed something which IS Eternal and fills your heart after the “you” has been given over to Me, the “you” that experiences loss, and changing, the “you”, that is eager to create worlds and things but which always change and perish in the end.

Even the creator changes with his creations, but the One that never changes is the Eternal One, the Radiant One, the Great Lover and Happiness That took It’s Seat in the free space of your heart.

There, in this glorious space, is Only God and there is Only Love and Happiness. It is untouched by the worlds, lower and higher and even the highest worlds. It is untouched by all the gods and goddesses and all the masters and rulers of the worlds. It is untouched by the “you” you think you are. It IS forever Radiant.

I AM your God-Self

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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright© 2012

this is the time of Silence, the preciousness of the Golden Silence in which only Love exists, or say: Love Is Silence, the Stillness which unfolds like pink rose petals with a fragrance and tenderness that is not of this world.

It is unfolding to infinite Heights above while you feel that It embraces all, contains all. It is unfolding deep in the heart of man now, it is unfolding, if you allow. It is set to unfold, my dear and it unfolds everywhere because this is your destiny, it is humanity’s future.

What I AM to you I AM to everyone, as That What is speaking speaks to everyone, so they only would listen.  Because It Is the One Which is the God-Self of every One. It Is the One in which and as which you are all One with Me and with One another.

This is not the time now for glorious events in your world to occur, it is the time to go deep into yourself, and I speak to all humanity, because you are One in Me and as Me.

I AM your own True Self which is the Eternal Enjoyer of all worlds and things.
Cultivate Me now because times are coming rather soon where you need to prove my Existence while your world is turning.

This time is given to you to unite with Me, your own True Self, which is the Self of All, because in Reality this is the Truth which never changes while your worlds and your bodies, your mind and your state is changing.

Soon you are going to ascend, my dear and all my dear ones, but what is this ascension other than an experience in my infinite Being. Yes, my denser part, such as your bodies and your lower mind and your planetary 3rd density, are going to be pervaded by Me increasingly so that also they are able to recognize Me. This is glorious and to Me a great Enjoyment As I find Myself in Myself. What a miracle, and I AM That too.

I AM non-separation from you and all of you need to feel Me and to find Me now. I do not want you to have your concern merely on your life-circumstances, I want you to have your attention on your Eternal Self, the Only One Eternal, while all worlds and universes perish. At least from time to time, from eons to eons.

Now is the time to rest and dig deep in your very heart and being, to find the Truth You Are.

I AM Beauty and Fullness which cannot diminish, I AM free of all circumstances although they occur in Me. My Beauty is overwhelming your heart if you find Me, and the Sweetness of My Essence is your ecstasy.

Did you know that I exist? Do not think you are your body, not even your ascended body, although it is a beautiful thing, such a beautiful creation of Mine. But this your new ascended body can only be so beautiful because I AM. Your new ascended World can only be because I AM. And your Happiness, your Love can only be because I AM.

This is the time to find out! The time when it seems the worlds hold their breath, when you expect things extraordinary to happen, while they do not happen yet.

Go deep, beloveds, go where the inhale holds to prepare for the exhale. This eternal Stillness is where I reside, and I reside even there as you breathe. I AM embracing you, but you do not notice Me. But will you now? I have been there always, but will you notice Me from now and live all your life while noticing Me, your own Divine Self?

This  is not spectacular and world-fulfilling, Truth always has revealed itself  in the Beauty of Stillness where Reality reveals Itself. It does not depend on a spectacular world or the arising of things.
But I AM the One without Whom nothing would arise, however spectacular it would be.

Notice Me and you have understood yourself and your world.
And now is the time to notice ME.

I AM your God-Self
Message conveyed by Ute


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Thursday, January 5, 2012


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Dear One, we are the Arcturians!

We have been waiting for you to be ready to take our communication. Please publish it for others to read. It is important! Important as all our communications are!

We thank you for the dedicated work you are doing by spreading the wonderful messages given to everyone by our galactic friends of  the higher dimensions!

It is very important at this time that the connection between beings of the higher dimensions and yourself whose main habitat is the 3th dimension, is alive!
It prepares everyone for their own ascended state once the main shift into the higher dimensions occurs.

Cultivating contact with us who are caring for earths’ and humanity’s evolution is essential also because it strengthens your own multidimensional self by exercising your opening into our higher dimensional vibration.

After the shift you will  therefore easily recognize your new home and us, your brothers and sisters from the higher realms, which will help you significantly to adapt to and function in your new higher dimensional body. This takes some initial irritation and insecurity in your new future environment out of the play.

More and more of you are  becoming able now to communicate themselves with us, but until you do it is very important to regularly connect with us via the messages from those who channel us and which are made available in public, mainly on the internet.
Thereby you can become more and more familiar with us, with our vibration, our civilization, and how we are living it,  and with our way of love and care for humanity and Gaia.  

Yes, each of you also is of  course intimately connected to your Higher Self, but you are not alone and the sole being in the universe. Also you, humanity, are in truth a collective being, and so far you haven't manage to live as such as highly evolved spiritual beings. And that is why we are emphasizing here the fact and value of the higher civilization to which you will soon develop, and in which you are to function collectively.

We help you to grow  quicker beyond your 3dimensional, limited and separate identity and we recommend that you consider us as beings who share basically your true identity which is not, as you know, your 3dimensional body, but your higher self and the vibration of your soul, and your collective Great Human Soul.

Through your communication with us you also make sure that your spirit stays high which draws you above your current still not solved problems on your planet, with your economy, energy resources, pollution, health and other issues. 

Your communication with us - and any other higher and Divinely oriented galactic civilization -  inspires you to trust more and more your own intuition about your higher identity, just by being together with us,  by reading our messages. 

You can be assured that we are present with our awareness with all those of you who are listening to our communications, simply because this is our intention. Your listening also helps us, to make contact with each of you, even if you are not aware of it, and to draw you to our vibration and light which opens you up and prepares you for the process of the shift.

In the same way we are also intentionally working on  your spiritual awakening, as your mentors and tutors. We, the Arcturians, have been involved in this tutorship of humanity since ancient times, making sure that your evolutionary process is guided and will reach fully its goal: a human civilization of highest spiritual accomplishment. Our highly evolved spiritual civilization is actually what humanity will realize in the future.

My dear ones, do not underestimate the importance of your contact with us, as we fuel constantly and directing higher energies and light to your planet and individuals, like yourself. We are constantly around you, it is our service, entrusted to us by the Christed High Council of the Heavens whose Divine Intention is your awakening as a fully Christed Race.

We are always easily to reach and to talk to, if this is your desire. We are here to heal and to inspire and to help your individual and collective spiritual growth. 

We are your friends and your guides.

We are the Arcturians!

Message conveyed by Ute 


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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
 By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Dear Friends and Readers of my Blog!

In my report  “The Elohim and the Ascension Plan for Earth and Humanity” I have been referring to my connection with the Elohim. Since then they have not been communicating with me, until yesterday, when they again contacted me and talked to me with the language of higher mind and light.

First I did not consider to publish their communication, but then felt that they provide information which is probably of use for some of my readers.
This communication also allows you, to follow the process of the work and service of one of your fellow "wanderers" on the Great Path, which is hopefully also inspiring for you, as you might recognize somehow yourself in it.

And this is how the Elohim began to speak:

“My dear, now the time has come where our collaboration can come to fruition!
As you know, we invited you after the 11.11.11 event back into our council to participate with us. This is part of your life-contract.

It is your well tested
sovereignty which entitles you to be a participant in our meetings, and your testing phase is over. You are now a legitimate member.

While I receive their message, I feel beautiful  white light pouring into my heart, the whole chest and forehead and spreading all over my body, both cooling and burning  as white fire.

“What is the qualification of a member?", they continue.

First of all, it is the
sovereignty, as we already mentioned. What we mean by this is your spiritual integrity and your love and caring for all beings, having the very best for everybody in your heart. It also means that you are not susceptible to the degree where you give up your own deepest convictions or avoid to speak the truth afraid of being judged or to please others or to be “loved” by them.

Secondly, a member must be able to communicate with us on the level of our light frequency, and must also be able to transmit this light which is received directly into the cells of your body. The transmission of this light, a light, directly coming from the Creator, is necessary, because it serves Gaia while channeled through an incarnated soul into Gaia’s energy field which has thereby an effect on all living beings, animated and non-animated. It contributes to the  rising of the light quotient of your planet with all her inhabitants.

As you know, everything is about the light quotient in your ascension process and being a member in our council you receive all our support as we are working on the ascension process of earth and humanity. By participating in this light process a member is directly participating in the collective effort to change the frequency not only on your planet, but also thereby in your whole solar system, which in turn reflects back to the star systems in your Galaxy, the Milky Way. This is necessarily so because of the inter-connectedness of all creation.

The 3th qualification is to be able to convey our communications by putting them into a human language so that they can be understood by other human beings.

At this time you fulfill all three necessary criteria and you have therefore attained full membership in our council.

Our meetings are mainly about re-consolidating your functions and about corrections and re-adjustments of your body-mind energy-system, which also includes a regular update of a member's light quotient. We know very well that our members' connections with denser energy fields can affect their own level of light-vibration. Therefore this has to be adjusted from time to time.

In our meetings our members also are encouraged to report back to us their experiences and understanding of the state and progress of the human evolutionary process from their own observations,  and to make suggestions as to what is needed to repair and enforce stagnant light quotient processes of individual-or group-consciousness units. In that way those individuals and groups can receive our special attention and we can help to adjust their progress to rise their frequencies. Most of this work is done when they sleep, and there are only a few who will remember what happened when they wake up in the morning. But they will notice that they feel lighter and happier that day without knowing why, and that is the sign that it has been worked on them.

Having explained to you all about your membership, we also want to emphasize that you are free to call upon us any time and we will respond to you accordingly. This will serve your knowing that your membership is alive and your service is acknowledged.”

I feel an ever more  increasing influx of light from above into my body, and I ask for instructions how to function exactly as a transmitter of their light.

“Dear One, just invoke us and we will flow through you the Creators Light into Gaia's ethereal fields, so you allow it and with your appropriate intention

It is necessary that you practice this communion with us on a regular basis, so that we can be effective through you  in any given moment you call upon us or when your service is needed.

We will sometimes have messages to humanity as well and we are greatful if you would make yourself available for this.”

I ask whether they help me to consciously know about our meetings and to remember them in detail in my 3dimensional state.

“Dear One, all of this will happen in due course of time. For now know that you will be aware of all that you need to be aware. This is about very fundamental functions, such as feeling our light in your body and receiving our communications while awake in 3D."

I ask: who exactly are you? There are people who say that there are 14 Elohim of the 7 rays, but I do not  identify you as such, although I have a connection to Apollo of the 2nd ray and Lord Arcturus of the 7th ray.

“We belong  to, what  some call, the “Elohim of the Five Secret Rays” in the Galactic Center. We are of the original Light of the Creator, working with the Creator Light directly, and not less. We are at the origin of creation and carry out the Will of the Creator, as we are the immediate instruments of His Creation. “

I ask: Could you be also called The Divine Mother?

“Yes, you could say so, as we are the intelligent activity of Divine Light, which is One with the Consciousness of All-That-Is.”

Where are the meetings happening, in which I participate?, I ask.
The Elohim, who contacted me after the 11.11.11 event, said they were of the 7th dimension.

“The 7th Dimension is a so called “Mirror-Dimension”. It is the Dimension of reflection and functions as a Midway Station between the 3th dimension and the Galactic Center, if you will.
Beings who are communicating from the 7th dimension go there because it is easy  for them, without having to step down from their Realm of Higher Light, because of this mirror functionality of 7D. They can simply project themselves to there effectively, in order to communicate to beings who are incarnated in lower densities, while they are remaining with their essence in the Realms above 7D, including the Galactic Center.

Meetings happen therefore in 7D, because it is a place where we all can meet. You can project easily to there as well, as we do from our place of the Creator Light.

So what you perceive so far, is our projection to 7D, but you are at the same time also connected with us via our projection, to where we truly exist, in the Galactic Center.

Thank you, your transcript is correct.

We bless you and we are so happy to have you with us!

We Are the Elohim of the Creator’s Light."

So much blessing! This contact with the Elohim is bliss and energizes my multidimensional existence and identity. And this service, which is an expression of inherent joy, also demonstrates that there are no "independent" entities and that we all are like beads on a string, which is the Love- Blissful Light and Consciousness of the Ultimate. It is the Ultimate which is our true Self and which is not separate and which is not limited even to a "Higher Self", which is in itself still a confinement and signifies a process of separation, although a very subtle one. To me this is true freedom and inspiration, to share the Infinite Divine in service with other beings of Light who are but an expression of IT. What greater gift can be given to us while here in this density of a 3th dimension, and which is even Divine too, if we agree that there is Only the Divine.

The service of the Elohim and my participation in it, makes it ever so more clear to me again that all beings are ultimately here to serve together, and not as separate entities, the Great Process of Creation, as long as they do not yet return to the Source, The-All-That-Is, stepping out of the circle of Coming and Going. 

Much love to my brothers and sisters!

Reported by Ute


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Dear friends,
please enjoy this video!
Love and Blessings,



Water plays an important part in the ascension process.

Water relates to the human faculty of feeling, feeling to infinity, which is the sign of our true spirituality.

Science has also discovered that water is a medium to communicate with the cosmos beyond any limitation of distance.

The Waters on our planet and the Water in our body hold spiritual energy or light.

This is because water is not so much an element but literally a form of energy, although we are not used to perceive it as such.

From the Ultimate Divine Reality powerful and Conscious Light Waves are coming forth through our Galactic Center, sweeping now our Living Earth.

It is the water energy that is storing these Conscious Waves of Light, changing and rising the vibration on the surface of Earth and of Her Living Beings.

In the past the vibration of the waters in our bodies have become dense with lower emotions, such as fear, sorrow and anger

To transmute them back into the clarity of infinite feeling, the LIGHT of Love and of Joy is to clear our spiritual water.


Ute Posegga-Rudel

Visionary Energy Art by Ute Posegga-Rudel, copyright@ 2011

Monday, January 2, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, copyright© 2012
My dear Ones, 
I AM St. Germain!

There are obviously several people who claim to channel my messages. This has also lead to the believe that some messages are not from me, because they differ in characteristic, color and emphasis.

However you all need to consider that each one of my channelers have themselves certain  characteristics, belief-systems and colors of feeling and understanding - a whole variety of individual expressions.
If there would be entities who would channel me exactly as to what my own personal characteristics are, these entities would have to let themselves completely  go and step aside, in order to let me in. It would require a full-trance medium to convey me exactly as I Am.

But this is not necessary. It is not necessary that each of those, who channel me, become such a full trance-medium, especially not at this time of planetary evolution, where it is about your own most profound characteristics and gifts to reveal themselves!

To act as a full-trance medium would mean for them to let go their own evolutionary process. And this is not something I wish to impose on you.

What I prefer is to collaborate with my channelers, whereby they fully participate in the process of channeling. All my channelers, I have chosen to speak for me, are expressing a part of my own Divine Consciousness and I choose accordingly a certain channeler to convey a message, they themselves vibrate harmoniously  with.

This channeling is the new form of transmission, as they participate with me on their own conscious level, you could say: in a form of partnership! The times of absolute “authority”, which is the sign of a 3dimensional consciousness, are over, as it is all about co-creational processes.

This must be so, as my channels are themselves conscious and mature spiritual beings, which enables them to convey my messages, wich express and make conscious sometimes to themselves what they already know in their deepest being, as they are awakening to their full nature.

Because of all these reasons I highly welcome the fact that there are souls who are willing to work with me. They, as I do, are expressions of many levels of consciousness in different dimensions and timelines, and when I meet with each of them, we, at that time, share the wisdom which is brought to the reader.

This is a form of new collaboration, a collaboration which is the sign of the new era of awakening and enlightenment.

All the channels, I have chosen, know me on a very intimate level, they know my energy and the service I Am here to provide for the sake of the awakening of humanity. In the same way I choose a channel according to their  own characteristics and preferences and I choose a channel for a certain message to reach a certain group of receivers  of the messages.

There is no message which is meant to serve all together, because everybody is on its personal journey on a different level of their evolutionary process.

And so I also choose my channels to reach a certain group of people, and they know, that we speak exactly to them because they simply resonate. And this is all what it is about.

We are all one great group-consciousness, in which each of us participates in their own characteristic way.

As long as the Source Consciousness is not realized, which is the Source of all arising characteristics of beings and things, we are to tolerate and celebrate the many varieties and differences and educate and support their growth and understanding who they really are: a Divine Creation and Multidimensional Beings. In that way the  Creator emerges as Himself in and as all beings.

I Am myself not an “Absolute” Entity, whose knowledge is likewise “absolute” and strictly to be followed. All what we, my channels and I convey, is an offering to those who resonate. It is always my intention and that of my channels (the reason why I chose them) to inspire you and lift you up, to support your ascension process.

The era of the new way of “channeling” has begun, my beloveds. This might be at first a challenge for some of you, as it provokes your own self-responsibility and the dawning of your own deepest self-understanding as a galactic being. And so it is also a sign of the growing spirit and maturity of humanity, at least of those who agreed in their life-contract to be part of the ascension process by supporting humanity’s ascension and that of your planetary Mother, Gaia.

This message is intended to awaken you, dearest ones, to your own inherent freedom of your Soul and to understand that humanity is - with all the varieties and differences -  One in the  Zero-Point Field of their Divine I AM Consciousness.

With love and high appreciation,

I AM St. Germain

Message conveyed by Ute


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